Whats Next For Tito Ortiz?

Legendary former UFC Light-heavyweight Champ and Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz looked dominant in his last fight with Alberto El Patron during Combate Americas first PPV last month. After the bout he announced he had some more fights left on his Combate contract and does not seem ready to retire (again). What does the future hold for one of MMAs most enduring competitors? Assuming he hasnt retired, who should he fight next? I picked three intriguing fights for Tito, all of whom are around his age. We do not need to see Tito or any other over 40 fighter taking on the young and hungry lions. Lets let the legends fight each other.

Tito Choking Out an Overmatched Alberto El Patron

Biggest Possible Fight: Fedor

Fedor KO’ing Rampage Jackson

Fresh off his one-sided KO of a very bloated Rampage Jackson during Bellators huge show in Japan, the legendary former Pride champ promptly retired. But do we really believe him? If Combate Americas is looking to make another splash and get eyes on their product, this would be the way to go. Combate already averages around 400k viewers in the US on Univision (not counting AXS viewership, which doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen), which is actually higher than Bellator. If you factor in their numbers in Mexico that would make them the number 2 most watched MMA promotion in North America A fight of this magnitude could break all their viewership records, just so long as they don’t put it on PPV, where it would die.

2nd Biggest Fight: Chael P. Sonnen

I know what you are thinking, not only did Chael retire again, but Tito kicked his ass last time, but hear me out. Chael was in no condition to fight. Right in the middle of his first training camp in over three years, he suffered an unthinkable tragedy, the loss of his newborn daughter. Despite that he endured and kept the fight, but did not seem physically or mentally ready. Ortiz made quick work of him after a very heated buildup. Chael has had a lot of things to say about Tito since then and continues to take shots at him on his podcast. If the fight were offered, he would take it, and would be much more ready than last time.

Sleeper Fight: Rashad Evans

Yes, retired Rashad Evans. There seems to be a theme in my picks, but Tito Ortiz is also old and has retired many times so why not right? Rashad is coming off 5 straight losses in the UFC and retired in 2018, but has shown some hints of coming out of retirement recently and holds a dominant victory over Tito. Im sure Ortiz would love to get that one back and Combate would love to put on a show with two UFC Hall of Famers and former champions in the main event.

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