Lance Archer: Time To Come Home?

Archer Not Signed With NJPW

Former IWGP Lance Archer came out recently to and stated that was not signed exclusively to New Japan Pro Wrestling and was only signed from tour to tour


Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Archer had an amazing outing in the G-1 this year and has looked like a bonafide main eventer since going on his own after his “Killer Elite Squad” Tag Team Partner Davy Boy Smith Jr exited NJPW last year. With his improved physique, ring gear and developing into an old school throwback heel who kicks ass and makes little kids cry, Archer has become an attraction that could be plugged in to any main event scene in the world. So this begs the question: Should he stay in NJPW? Or should he come back home?

I dont ever see him winning either the IWGP Title or the Intercontinental Title. He is at that Never Open/US title level there. Im sure he has some more matches left and will do great, but I feel he is performing at a much higher level than the NJPW execs believe. The fact that hes a foreigner as well as being passed 40 works against there. He could stick around and win mid card titles and go sub-500 in the G-1 every year, or he could come make a big splash as a main event heel in the states.

Impact “Hard to Kill” is Live on FITE from Dallas Tx This Sunday

Last April during Impact Wrestlings “Rebellion” PPV, Michael Elgin shocked the world by debuting after Brian Cage won their world title. He was fresh off a run in New Japan where he felt he was underutilized and wanted to come to a company that would let him work the way he wanted and help him reach his potential. Big Lance has a storied history with Impact where he wrestled under the old TNA regime as he went through many incarnations during his tenure from 2004 – 2009. Impact is presenting their 1st PPV of the year this Sunday in Dallas, which just so happens to be his hometown. In Impact, Archer could have some fresh matches with the likes of Brian Cage, Elgin, Eddie Edwards, and Moose. Could we see the big man debut in a similar fashion to Michael Elgin? Or is he destined to appear elsewhere in Dallas this weekend?

MLW: Zero Hour….. Also Live From Dallas this Weekend

One day prior, Major League Wrestling is presenting “Zero Hour”, a TV taping for their “Fusion” TV show that airs on BEIN Sports and YouTube (Or maybe Showtime?)

MLW to Showtime?

Could we see the 6’8” 265 pound Archer return home to Dallas to confront his old Killer Elite Squad tag partner?

There is a ready made story with Archer and Davy Boy Smith Jr and the matches between the giants could be epic. MLW seems primed to make a leap in the American Wrestling landscape and a main event level talent like Archer could help jump start them. Plus with the Von Erichs and Archer on their squad, they would virtually own the Dallas scene.

Most Likely: NJPW

He seems to be happy there and he can have some excellent matches to add to his legacy. Just hope they see his main event potential.

Best Fit: Impact

Readers will probably crap on this, but the Heavyweight scene in Impact is actually quite good. I would not want to see him in intergender matches, but matches with those mentioned above as well as young guys like Acey Romero, Fallah Bah, Jake Something could be intriguing for a guy looking to give back to the business. Plus Anthem owns their own TV network, have more stability than most, can pay well, will allow him tours of Japan and Mexico as well as keep all his indies, and they even own a studio space in Dallas and have plans to run there regularly.

Great Fit: MLW

Court Bauer, CEO of MLW is looking to make waves in 2020, I would not count them out should Archer want to come in.

Long Shots: RoH, WWE, AEW

RoH seems to be willing to spend but talent is abandoning ship among some turmoil and an overall lack of interest in their product.

Archers age, 42 will deter WWE for bringing him in and trying to ruin him but I guess it could happen. They did bring in Eric Young and Bobby Rude however.

AEW might be in play here, but again his age could play a factor. They seem to be limiting on the amount of guys they want to sign and a similar attraction, Luke Harper, will be available soon.

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