Say It Ain’t So Sarge [Updated]

Stolen Valor?

15 Jan 20: SoCal Uncensored has new details

Steve Bryant of Socal Uncensored, the popular website/twitter covering the Southern California Wrestling scene, and a military veteran, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Navy and received a MFR back.

Needless to say its official that Robert Remus aka Sgt Slaughter never served in the Marines and has been using a fabricated military record to further his personal life, despite numerous chances to clear the air. To make matters worse, Remus sat down with Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell of PWTorch just last year and continued his charade.

Remus has continued to stay quiet on this issue but he really should retract and apologize. Im someone who to a fault gives people the benefit of the doubt but its becoming more difficult to not see this as diabolical.

10 Jan 20: Dragon King Karl breaks Slaughter Stolen Valor Story

Dragon King Karl, from the When It Was Cool website and The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online website did a little digging in it the military record of Robert Remus, AKA Sgt. Slaughter.

Karl was just simply asking a question “did Sarge really serve?” That question honestly never entered my mind. I always believed that he was a Marine drill Sgt during the Vietnam War and never even questioned it. Remus himself even claimed in out of character interviews as much.

SoCal Uncensored, the popular newsletter covering the Southern California wrestling scene posted the following Baltimore Sun clipping from 24 March 1985

Pro Wrestling has a long history of misleading the public. After all, it’s all bullshit. There were lots of gimmicks throughout history that were complete fabrications. Undertaker is not really dead. Kamala was not from Uganda. Duke Droese wasn’t a garbage man nor was Val Venus an adult film star.

When Keeping it Kayfabe Goes Wrong

Slaughter is from a bygone era. He trained under Verne Gagne in the 70’s and was a huge star in both WWF and on the Saturday morning GI Joe cartoon. In his day you lived your gimmick 24/7. But kayfabe largely died in the 90’s and the problem is he has done multiple interviews using his real name and was seemingly out of character claiming that he was in Vietnam. That’s a huge problem. It’s absolutely stolen valor.

Time to Come Clean

I get the feeling that Sarge thought that he would let everyone down if he told the truth. I am willing to believe that he meant no harm and just got used to being a military icon. My generation of military members just assumed he was one of us and kind of looked up to him. He was supposedly the embodiment of a service member. He should come out and tell the truth and most of us will forgive him. At least I will.

Carny Gonna Carny

I can understand why people would be angry with Sarge. I was when I first heard. But then I realized what I was doing: hoping a con man was telling me the truth. The wrestling business was built on lies. While a lot of that has changed, the guys from the 70’s still have that carny blood. I’m willing to give Sarge a pass, assuming he comes clean anyway

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