Can NWA Stand out in a Crowded Weekend?

NWA presents its third PPV under the Billy Corgan era this Friday night on FITE.TV. Not only is it NWA Hard Times weekend, but it is Royal Rumble weekend. Which is arguably the second biggest annual weekend for WWE. Hard Times competes directly against Smackdown and features a main event of Nick Aldis vs Flip Gordon.

Full Card Finally Announced

The NWA finally announced the full card during tonights episode of NWA Powerrr on YouTube. Why they waited so long ill never know but the card looks very like a fun show with a few surprises. Plus they have Scott Steiner. Ill watch anything with Scott Steiner.

NWA World Title Match Nick Aldis vs Flip Gordon

This match looks very good on paper and im sure it will be 3+ stars, its missing the key ingredient that has made the NWA so fun to watch: Heat. Aldis is a fantastic heel but this match seems like a placeholder until the inevitable Aldis-Marty Scurll rematch. Scurll did however let us know that he will be at Hard Times.

Prediction: Nick Aldis wins

NWA Womens Title Match: Allison Kay vs Thunder Rosa

Very interesting match, wonder what they will do with Kay now that she has taken it upon herself to have a very public feud with Impacts Tessa Blanchard, a feud in which she is an absolute babyface in. Would be hard to take the title from her, but Thunder Rosa seems like a budding star that other companies will try to sign in the near future. Id like to see Rosa get the title here and let the NWA babyfaces chase.

Prediction: Thunder Rosa wins the title

NWA National Title: Aron Stevens vs Scott F’n Steiner

This will be a beautiful train wreck and I don’t care. I love Scott Steiner. Hope he calls the Question Mark fat.

Prediction: Aron Stevens retains in a beautiful dumpster fire of a match. Hopefully it only lasts 3 minutes.

NWA World Tag Team Title Match: R&R Express vs The Wildcards vs Eli Drake and James Storm

This match seems thrown together without a plan at the last minute. I smell a Drake-Storm feud brewing here and a title change. Nostalgia is fun but if the tag titles want credibility, the young and hungry guys should wear them.

Prediction: The Wildcards win the titles.

TV Title Tournament

Without getting in to the weeds and predicting every match and figuring out the brackets like March Madness, ill just say predict Ricky Starks will win. Although a heel like Zicky Dice would be good too. That guy is over with me. Also, i was really surprised see Matt Cross in this tournament, not as surprised as I am to see that he is still not with a major company though.

Order Hard Times on FITE TV


Watch the latest Episode of NWA Powerrr

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