TNA Wrestling Returns for One Night Only!

Impact Wrestling, after years of distancing themselves from their once tainted brand, has decided to celebrate their heritage with a One Night Only TNA Reunion show during Wrestlemania Weekend. The event will take place on April 3 during Wrestlecon and will air live on Follow along with this running blog as each participant is announced as well as some of the news and rumors.

22 Jan 20: Who Wont Be There

Lets get it out of the way right now. If anyone reading this has it in their heads that any WWE, AEW, or NJPW contracted performer will be there, forget about it. It ain’t happening. Trust me on this. No major promotion has anything to gain by allowing their talent to appear on this show. Just to recap, the following wrestlers have a ZERO percent chance of appearing. AJ Styles, Angle, Sting, Bobby Rude, Samoa Joe, Abyss, Sonjay, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Jarrett, Okada (Okato? SMFH), The Young Bucks, SCU, etc…. Stop saying theres a chance. There is no chance.

Of all the guys in this photo, you might see Amazing Red

Likely to Be There

The following talent are either contracted to Impact, have an affiliation or have expressed interest in the show: RVD, Shamrock and Rhino obviously, Konnan, Disco, Raven, Wildcat Chris Harris, Bully Ray, Akio Yang (Jimmy Wang Yang/Flying Elvises), Petey Williams, Amazing Red, Crimson, Mr Pectacular, ODB, and Im sure there will be more.

Who Could Be There?

To the best of my knowledge, the following talent with a history in TNA are available and I could totally see alot of them there: Matt Hardys contract is up soon, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall dont appear to have a contract anywhere, Vampiro, Scott Steiner, Kid Kash, The Blueprint Matt Morgan, Rob Terry, Doug Williams, David Penzer, Chavo, MVP, Taryn, Christy Hemme….

Must See Appearances

Firstly, Mike Tenay and Don West have to call the show. If they dont, why even bother having it? They were the faces and voices of that brand for many many years.

Second, Dixie Carter has to be there. Say what you will about Aunt Dixie, but she kept the brand alive for a long time and saved it from death in its infancy. She took it to big heights before the major collapse happened.

Third: Vince Russo. His name may be as toxic as arsenic but having him there would shock the masses, piss a few nerds off, and get people talking. he was the head of creative for a very long time and for all the bad storylines that occurred during his run, there were a lot of good ones too.

Long Shots

The NWA along with Billy Corgan and David Lagana have rebooted their brand to some success, largely with talent made famous under the TNA banner. While the two companies seem at odds right now, i don’t think its too far fetched that a deal could be worked out for a One Night Only return for some old TNA favorites such as NWA Champ Nick Aldis, Eli Drake, James Storm, and Ken Anderson. I hope it happens and I think both companies would benefit. Not sure what it would take to work out a deal.

Surprise Appearance Looming?

Eric Young has recently stated that he wont be on WWE TV anymore and it looks like his run there is coming to an end. Eric was a TNA staple for a decade and even parlayed his run to getting his own reality shows on the Discovery channel among others. These days he appears to be focused on podcasting and covering sports for the Athletic, but could a return home be in the works? If he’s available and Impact does not book him, it would be a HUGE mistake, and with Scott D’Amore and Petey Williams already in the fold, a Team Canada reunion would blow the roof off the joint.

Matches We Need To See

King of the Mountain: As long as Ethan Page is in this match, I do not care who else is in it. The King of the Mountain match was a recurring spectacle of convoluted nonsense, producing epic moments and head scratching bullshit. It represents what TNA was at its core, doing too much and over delivering all at the same time. Since this is all for fun, lets have some fucking fun.

Ultimate X: It is probably the most popular gimmick match ever created by the company and I am willing to bet my life savings there will be one.

Monsters Ball: an over the top hardcore match that occurs pretty regularly to this day. Has to happen.

What I Don’t Want

The Reverse Battle Royal: Fuck that.

An Evening Making Fun of the Product and Fans: Seriously, this should be an all out celebration of the good TNA, we get it, the company had many LOLTNA moments but there was a lot of good things too. Plus if you take a look around the industry today you can see TNA influences in every company. I enjoyed TNA from the very first episode. Towards the end of the Dixie era they lost me as a fan, but the new regime from Anthem has hooked me back in and I very much enjoy looking back on past events very fondly, even the bad stuff.

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