Killer Kross and the Art of Betting on Yourself

Update 4 Feb: Kross Signed w/WWE

Saying that 2019 was a tumultuous year for the ultra talented and creative Killer Kross would be an understatement. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported on Wrestling Observer Radio over the weekend that Kross, the standout former Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground star and one of the top foreigners in AAA, appears to be on the fast tracked in WWE. He recently had meetings with HHH and cancelled an upcoming Australia booking and has turned down all bookings after Feb 14.

Kross Could Have Been one of Impacts Biggest Draws

With his cold stare, chilling promos, bad ass look and authentic character, Kross could have eventually become one of Impacts biggest stars. When he talked, you absolutely believed every word he said. He had the dark mystique of Jake The Snake Roberts and the unfuckwithable aura of Ken Shamrock. As intense as he was on the camera he showed that same intensity while perfecting his character both on the clock and off. His Youtube is the stuff of legend.

After separating himself from a short lived trio with Austin Aries and Moose, Kross kind of floundered. Don Callis was obviously a big fan but it did not seem like the company was ever fully behind him. He only had one singles match on PPV and never competed on any of their Twitch/Impact Plus specials. It wasn’t until Homecoming in January of last year where it appeared that the company started to see him as a star, as he closed out the show after the main event of Cage and Johnny Impact to attack Taya and Johnny Impact. But it was all a swerve, Johnny turned heel and Kross was back in a secondary role. Then, in a promising feud, Kross became matched up with the amazing Eddie Edwards. The two had several entertaining encounters culminating in a First Blood match at Slammiversary in July. But by that point the the damage between the two sides had been done and Kross never appeared again.

Kross’ Impact Run Ended in December Amidst Tumoil

Kross signed a deal with with Impact wrestling in 2018 with the Anthem regime, and asked for his release in May of 2019. Kross was unhappy with the disparity in pay between him and the likes of Bran Cage Kross knew his worth, and was willing to fight the system to get it.

PWInsider reported that Kross was seeking a new six-figure deal with guaranteed money. Impact, reportedly countered with an offer around 40K a year for 3 years. Must be noted that Impact does not stop their talent from working independents and select other companies so long as it does not conflict with their dates. In fact they encourage talent to use the exposure they gain on their platform to market themselves to independent companies. Something Kross was not at all happy with.

“If you get to a job and you are told that something you’re looking for is not available and then you come to find out six months later that that’s not true, it has been available and other people have it … you can imagine that you’d be a little disparaged.”

“I will humbly say that I barely even existed to the pro wrestling world — or the industry — prior to IMPACT Wrestling,” said Kross. “I’ve never asked, in my opinion, for anything that I didn’t think that I deserved. I didn’t think that I would be asking for anything I couldn’t contribute back. I was led to believe that it was not available.”

Impact ultimately denied his request and the two sides were unable to reconcile. Stories of mistreatment, negligence, contract breaching, and shorting merch pay began to surface. All the while Kross continued to take his issues public while Impact basically stayed silent.

Girlfriend Scarlett Released by Impact

At the same time, Scarlett Bourdeaux quietly asked for her release and it was granted. Apparently she was living at home with her parents and working a 9-5 and was seeking something more permanent. Her release was all too easy and something fishy appears to going on there. There are some rumors floating around about it but nothing concrete. Ultimately she signed with WWE and is waiting to debut on TV.

Kross Finally Released

In December, it finally happened and the weights and burdens on Kross’ shoulders were finally lifted. Impact released him and he was free to sign wherever he wanted. Shortly after he was tied to every company imaginable (not Impact). He actually got booked to compete for MLW at their “Superfight” event this coming weekend but that seems to be a one-off.

Will Kross be Stifled in WWE?

If the rumors are true and Kross is indeed heading to WWE to join his girlfriend Scarlett, they could quickly become WWEs hottest act….. if WWE allows it. Kross is an original, free-thinking, truth-telling guy which is rare in the wrestling business. He comes up with all his own promos, produces all his own videos and constantly works on his character. But will that be something that it is even allowed inside the machine? Who is going to write a better promo for Kross than Kross? Time will tell.

The Heyman Effect

Kross and Scarlett have Paul Heyman written all over them. Heyman must be salivating at having a guy who is willing to go to dark places to present his ideas. The problem will be Vince and whether or not he understands a Psycho Shooter persona like Kross. I hope he lets Paul and Kross run with their ideas, if not its very possible he ends up dancing with Jose or strumming guitar with Elias (Kross actually plays).

Dear Vince, you now have access to pro wrestlings Next big evil star, don’t screw it up.

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