TNA: No Place Like Home Running Blog; Updated March 22

Bang it here for daily updates on Impact Wrestling’s upcoming TNA No Place Like Home show, April 3 at Wrestlecon.

TNA Wrestlecon Show Canceled

Due to the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the CDC recommending no gatherings of more than 10 people, Wrestlemania and Wrestlecon have either moved, canceled, or postponed their shows. Everything is still up in the air, but as of right now, the TNA Reunion show will not be taking place. The AXS TV special was taped a week ago in Atlanta and will still take place as scheduled.

TNA Special Added to AXS TV on March 31

Anthem is going All In (no pun intended) on promoting the TNA One Night Only show by adding a 1 hour TV special on AXS TV following the March 31st edition of Impact at 10pm EST. They must really believe in this concept because this would mark the first time since coming to AXS that they will be airing a countdown like special for a PPV. Hopefully this is the standard for Impact going forward because the AEW Revolution Countdown special that aired prior to their latest PPV was really well recieved and likely added to their overall PPV buys.

Here’s an excerpt from Anthems press release

“Complete with classic branding from the TNA era of IMPACT Wrestling (2002-2017), the hour-long showcase will highlight TNA talent as they march toward the Friday, April 3 TNA: There’s No Place Like Home pay-per-view special exclusively on FITE.TV.”

Update Feb 24: Shark Boy?

Shark Boy is coming. Thats it. Thats todays announcement. I mean hes cool and all but I was hoping after a little teaser we would get a Monty Brown level announcement. Sorry Shark Boy.

King of the Mountain Returns!

The King of the Mountain match, a supposed brain child of founder Jeff Jarrett and one of the most convoluted clusterfucks imagineable, is making its long anticipated return to Impact/TNA television.. I would do my best here to describe the rules for you but half of what I say would be a total lie as I really do not know what the rules are. I just know that there are penalty boxes, ladders, and the winner has to hang a belt on to what would normally contain the belt. There has never been a good KOTM match, but this will definitely be interesting and wild to say the least. Impact is for the most part unable to bring back their biggest stars of the TNA heyday but with matches like this, they can bring back some of the wild and bizarre tone of the old guard. Should be alot of fun.

SPOILER ALERT: First Match Official!!!

During the final night of Impact tapings in Las Vegas, Suicide returned and challenged Moose to a match at TNA: No Place Like Home. No word on who was under the mask but I suspect that it was TJ Perkins, who played the Manic character in the past.

Meltzer: Mike Tenay, Dixie Carter, and Vince Russo all being discussed for the show

Uncle Dave Meltzer reported in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Impact is interested in bringing in former legendary announcer Mike Tenay, former owner and president Dixie Carter, and former writer Vince Russo.

The Tenay idea is a given, not only should he be brought back but he should be added to the hall of fame ASAP and then given a weekly series on Impact Plus where he introduces classic matches from their library.

Dixie Carter also makes a lot of sense, while being a polarizing name she literally kept the company a float for years and should be celebrated.

Vince Russo however is another story. While I would like to see him involved somehow, he really turns people off for being a disgusting misogynist POS. I guess those people do not bother me as much but I can see his involvement backfiring on the company. His name has become extremely toxic in social media circles. Now twitter is not real life and the negative Impact would not be too devastating, this is supposed to be a fun show and Impact could use all the good will they can get.

Update 31 Jan: Ultimate X Returns

Ultimate X, arguably one of Impacts most popular gimmick matches is making its return after a one year hiatus. The match has not been on Impact television since Wrestlemania weekend of 2019, when Johnny Whatever the Fuck won it for a shot at the X-Division title. They honestly should make this match an annual WM weekend occurrence. They went to this well far too often in the past and it ceased to be special.

For this event specifically I’d personally like to see a good mix of X-Division stars of past and present open the show with this match. With the likes of Sabin, Red, and Petey already announced for the show, there are plenty of guys who have a deep history with the match that are booked. Should be a wild one.

Update 29 Jan: Amazing Red Confirmed!!!!! (So was Disco)

The biggest talent announcement of the day was the X- Division original, House of Glory’s Amazing Red! Red is HUGELY influential on todays generation of flyers and after a short retirement in 2019 has begun taking bookings again, most recently with New Japan USA. Reports of his matches against Will Ospreay during his return have been legendary. Red is one of the stars that Impact can hang their hat on as being home grown, as he made a name for himself with insane matches in the early days of TNA against the likes of Low-Ki, AJ, Daniels, Jerry Lynn and many others. Can’t tell you how excited I am to see Red back in an Impact ring…… Disco was also announced.

28 Jan: Scott Steiner & Petey Williams Confirmed

Scott Steiner was the first of two names confirmed by Impact today. Another will be announced later today. The company is going to be announcing 2 names a day and this blog will be updated accordingly. Steiner is an Impact legend and always draws their biggest YouTube views. He has not been seen in Impact since teaming with Jordynne Grace and Petey Williams last year during their summer California tour.

Petey Williams was also confirmed, but he already works there. Hopefully Eric Young is able to appear to reunite Team Canada

27 Jan: Chris Harris and Chris Sabin confirmed

Wildcat Chris Harris, who was one of the rising stars of the early NWA-TNA era, has committed to appearing at the show. Harris, is a former Tag Team Champion and a member of the Americas Most Wanted tag team with partner “Cowboy” James Storm. After leaving TNA, Harris had a really forgettable stint in WWE under their awful ECW brand as “Braiden Walker”. He never really caught on there and has for the most part retired in recent years. It will be good to see Wildcat back in a TNA ring, but could we see his tag team partner? Storm currently works for the NWA and after Impact announced the return of Ken Anderson, NWA pulled him from their “Hard Times” PPV stating he has an undisclosed injury. I am not sure the details of Storms contract at the moment, but it will be interesting to see if he makes an appearance.

Chris Sabin has been announced as appearing at the event. Truth be told, this is not a surprise and I assumed that he would very likely be there. This does however continue to spark rumors of a return of the Motor City Machine Guns and his partner Alex Shelley. Shelley, most recently appeared on NXT television reuniting with his former Time Splitters tag team partner Kushida, losing in the first round of the annual “Dusty Classic” tag team tournament. It appears as though his NXT debut was not a long term deal, as he has since wrestled for RoH and is scheduled for Joey Janelas (promoted by Game Changer Wrestling) “Spring Break” on April 3rd. That date should sound familiar, as it is the same date as the TNA reunion show, but as with all WrestleMania weekend shows, some guys wrestle 3-4 times a day for multiple companies, so I do not see that precluding Shelley from appearing.

24 Jan 20: D-Lo and Mr. Ken Anderson and Aces & 8’s Confirmed

Earlier I questioned whether or not NWA talent would be appearing at the show, in hopes that they would, well the first two talents announced are D-Lo Brown and NWA’s Ken “Mr” Anderson. The duo will be reuniting their polarizing faction “Aces & 8’s”. D-Lo is actually a contracted agent and a member of Impacts full time staff so his appearance is no surprise, but the announcement of Anderson is a pleasant surprise.

Mr. Anderson notoriously left the previous Impact regime under no-so-flattering circumstances. Word is, he had an issue with substance abuse and showed up to work unfit for duty and was let go in 2016.

I was so excited about his return, I decided to remember the good times, specifically his legendary feud with Kurt Angle. Check out the thread I made in honor of his Lockdown 2010 match with Angle

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