Is AEW on the Forefront of a HOSS Revolution?

Jeff Cobbs AEW Debut

What is a HOSS?

A HOSS (all caps out of respect) is a big thick hard hitting nasty bad ass wrestler. HOSSES stand out in a crowd. HOSSES make you stop and question your own masculinity when standing next to them. When HOSSES fight, it doesn’t look like a ballet performance or a dance recital.

The definition of a HOSS varies but when I think of a HOSS in wrestling, I think of legends like Vader, Scott Norton, Stan Hansen, Hogan (soft in the US but his Japan matches ruled) the Steiners, Bruiser Brody, Dr Death Steve Williams, Kenta Kobashi, Terry Gordy, Undertaker, Bam Bam etc..

When I was a kid most of the top wrestlers weighed well over 200lbs, and we all believed they were the toughest men in the world. Today the average wrestler is under 6 feet tall and weighs less than 200lbs and thinks they are Rey Mysterio Jr. Big men have been phased down in most promotions in recent years and being a big man has been kind of a seen as a negative among the hardcores. Somewhere a long the way people started to think that HOSSES couldn’t work or that there matches weren’t good and that because they didn’t take a gymnastics class that they weren’t as athletic. Sure they weren’t as fast paced but where they lacked in speed they more that made up for that with hard hitting smash mouth action with an aura of bad assery. But there’s a new breed of HOSS out there on the scene and it appears that AEW is looking to snatch them up.

Jeff Cobb Debuts for AEW

Cobb, who goes about 5’10 263, represented Guam on their olympic wrestling team in 2004, is a certified HOSS. Cobb has a smash mouth style filled with suplexes, powerslams, strikes and even peppers in some moonsaults to make up a very crowd pleasing style. Cobb has been a big hit on the indies for years prior to making his TV debut on Lucha Underground as the psycho masked brother of Dario Cueto, Matanza. Once that company went to shit he made a name for himself in PWG, eventually making his way in to RoH and New Japan.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Cobb made his debut. Rumors are swirling regarding whether or not he signed a contract yet, but I think it’s safe to say that they would not have brought him in and pushed him like a monster with their top guys if they didn’t think they could sign him. Listen to a clip from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer talking Cobbs status below:

More HOSSES On The Way….

Cobb isn’t the only HOSS rumored to be coming in soon. Brodie Lee, Lance Archer, and Brian Cage are all expected to sign here.

Brodie Lee to AEW?

Brodie Lee, (6’5” 275) is a fantastic worker who was criminally underrated in WWE as Luke Harper. Rumors have been out there for a long time that he was AEW bound and now that his contract is up, he could be debuting as early as March. AEW just so happens to have a show upcoming in Rochester, NY, Lee’s hometown.

Lance Archer towering over Moxley

Lance Archer (6’8” 265) is another HOSS linked to AEW. Archer has been working without a contract in New Japan for quite some time and word going around is that he is currently engaged in serious negotiations with the company. We previously speculated on his future here:

Lance Archer: Time to Come Home?

Archer also has been having some fun with all the speculation. Time will tell where he ends up.

Brian Cage “The Swolverine”

Brian Cage, the former Impact Wrestling champion is 6 ft and ranges from 240-280 lbs depending on the cycle, is HOSS like in size and in power moves but works like a Cruiserweight often times. His strikes are not very smash mouth and he employs a lot of thigh slaps, but vascularity and power is undeniable. His Impact contract ran out in January and immediately after was rumored to be coming to AEW but unfortunately he has a torn bicep and could be out of action til late summer. Cage Not Signed

HOSSES Already on the Roster

AEW does have a few beefy bastards on the roster but they are either underutilized or have been hurt. The company has relied on high flyers, cruiser weights, and pretty boys to carry the company with their dives, kick outs, superkicks and over-usage of the silly thigh slap. While the matches have been good, when I watch them I at no point think to myself “I wouldn’t mess with the motherfucker”. None of them except Cody, Jericho, or Moxley really stand out in a crowd. Those 3 guys aren’t particularly large but they carry themselves like stars everywhere they go so it makes up for their lack of Hossness (my word). Here’s a rundown of the HOSS’s currently on the roster:


Wardlow (6’2” 250) is a giant meat castle who’s appears to have never shied away from enhancing his body through medicinal means. Warldow is pretty green so the bosses have been protecting him by letting him work on his skills prior to wrestling, which is smart. He is set to have his debut match against Cody Rhodes on this coming up weeks Dynamite from Atlanta inside a steel cage. Wardlow so far has been relegated to a stereotypical HOSS position as the bodyguard for MJF. If his match against Cody impresses, we could definitely see more of Wardlow inside the ring in the future.

Jake Hager

Hager, a good 6’5” 280lbs is a former all American wrestler at Oklahoma and is currently squashing tomato cans in Bellator MMA, is currently in the Bodyguard position for Chris Jericho’s “Inner Circle” stable. He has yet to have a match, although the reasoning differs from the green Wardlow. Hager has some WWE jobber stink on him and AEW has been trying to get that off of him before they put him in the ring. People still think of Hager as “Jack Thwagger” who while a former WWE champ, could never break out of that pre-show /Main Event (TV Show) scene. McMahon quit on him early and he never fully recovered. Hager looks the part, has the ability, and is surrounded with top guys and could be a breakout star here. He is scheduled to have his first match against the legendary Dustin Rhodes at AEWs next PPV “Revolution”.


Luchasaurus (6’5” 230) is an athletic beast who combines strikes (with thigh slaps unfortunately) with power moves and gymnastics. He appeared to be breaking out before an unfortunate hamstring injury sidelined him early during the launch of AEW. He has size, power, athleticism, and charisma with an awesome character. Once he is healed expect him to make huge waves in AEW. 

HOSS Fights Making a Comeback

Now that AEW seems to be looking to employ a stacked roster of HOSSES, look for that trend to spread throughout wrestling. Some HOSSES have already penetrated in other companies. Impact Wrestling has a decent stable of HOSSES with Michael Elgin, Moose, Rhino, Willie Mack, Fallah Bah, and Acey Romero. RoH has Brody King, Shane Taylor, and The Bouncers. MLW has a great up and coming HOSS in Hammerstone, look for him real soon on a major show, and they also have perennial bad ass Davy Boy Smith Jr. HOSSES are definitely making a comeback and I’m all the way here for it.

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