RVD to Steve Austin “I’m Not Gonna Wrestle That Much Longer” Due to Concussion Issues


IMPACT! Wrestling star Rob Van Dam appeared on the latest edition of the Steve Austin Show to promote Impact as well as his documentary “Head Strong“. During the conversation, the topic turned to RVD’s history with concussions. “I’ve had over 100 concussions” RVD confessed to Steve. RVD has had multiple types of therapy to improve his concussion symptoms from supplements to red light treatment. This information has been well documented the last couple years, but what really concerned me was the end of the show, listen to the clip below:

Apparently RVD suffered another concussion in a match against Brian Cage doing a “Van Terminator” in Dallas at IMPACTs “Hard to Kill” PPV (Rob thought it was Mexico). He doesn’t remember much after that. He may not remember what happened at Hard to Kill, but that match was essentially over after hitting the Van Terminator and he started another match with up and coming Mexican star Daga. They had a decent little match but the whole thing appeared off and now we know why. Rob stated to Steve that he does not plan to continue wrestling much longer due to his concussion issues and honestly I cant blame him. If I were Impact I would immediately remove him from any upcoming matches. His symptoms are scary and do not appear to be improving and he does not seem to want to wrestle.

SPOILER: Rob is set to be starting a new angle with Joey Ryan in the upcoming weeks for Impact (already filmed in Las Vegas) where they start their version of the old WWE “Right to Censor” group called “Cancel Culture”.

RVD still has a lot of star power and while he may not be great on the mic, he has a lot to offer outside of the ring. Truth be told RVD is a childhood favorite of mine, and it makes me really sad that he is suffering like this. Hope he gets better, but that won’t happen if he continues to take more bumps in the ring.

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