Wilder vs Fury II : Wait….Did that just happened?

By : Michael Gaspar

I was a couple Fireball and Dr Pepper’s deep before the main event.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II.

I was having a conversation with my friend about all the reasons why Wilder would end Fury early in this fight.

“Look at Wilder!…….now look at Fury. The man just looks like a champion.”

“273? 20 pounds heavier than what he was the last time when he gave Wilder fits? No way he can keep that up”

And finally….

“Wilder is American! If you don’t want him to win, you hate America!”

Of course, that could’ve been the drink talking, but I never could’ve imagined what I saw. A beaten, bloody, wobbly, and confused Deontay Wilder, watching Tyson Fury get his arm raised and become the new WBC Heavyweight Champion.

I can pretend that I’m a polished writer. I can pretend to breakdown the fight. But you’ve heard it all at this point. And if that’s what you need, I invite you to go to ESPN and read what Dan Rafael had to say.

I’m here as the everyday boxing fan. The guy that enjoys the big fight but also the reactions that come with it. And while 2 people celebrated (as my drunken self yelled they were un-American) as the the towel flew in and Kenny Bayless stepped in to pull Fury off of Wilder in the corner. The rest of us (aside from my cries of un-American towards my cheering friends) looked at each other. Shocked.

We had just witnessed one of the most prolific knockout artists in boxing history get stopped without putting up any kind of a fight.

The question becomes now, do you want to see a rematch?

I do. I’m all in for it. But I can see the argument against it. Many believe Fury won the first fight and we know he dominated the 2nd. But Wilder lost his belt. He deserves that chance to get it back. And take my money. Because the shots were there Saturday night. He just couldn’t pull the trigger.

In the meantime, Braun Strowman better be ready because Tyson Fury is coming for him at Wrestlemania!

I left that same comment on an Al Bernstein tweet and he LOL’d at it.

I’m not a writer. But I’ll do my best to get better at this. In the meantime follow me on Twitter @Michael__Gaspar for sports opinions, Alexa Bliss Retweets, and pictures of my cat and dog.

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