Blanchard defeats Austin, The North & Rascals Impress: Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results and Review

IMPACT! Sacrifice 2020

Impact Wrestling and OVW presented Sacrifice this Saturday night live from the Davis Arena in Louisville Kentucky on Impact Plus and the FITE app. It was a decent show overall but nothing really earth shattering or groundbreaking occurred.

The match of the night went to The North and The Rascals, who went really above and beyond to entertain the sold out crowd who for the most part sat on their hands during the show.

Tessa Blanchard proved once again why she is the top dog in a match against X division champ Ace Austin. During Tessa’s matches you often forget that you are watching a man and a woman fight. Austin does a great job of playing the creepy heel and Tessa is such an awesome underdog babyface.

Rhino and Moose had an ok match filled with comedy and hardcore action but it was a step down from their recent Hard to Kill match.

Daga and Dave Crist also had a pretty good match and appear to have some chemistry. I could see these guys going at it on PPV later this year or even starting a program down the line.

Johnny Swinger took on Joey Ryan in a comedy match as one would expect. Swinger continued to entertain as he plays the 80’s burnout still stuck in the past. The beginning showed Swinger offer Ryan a VHS of his greatest matches if Ryan were to lay down for him. Match went as expected.

Other than the tag title and World title matches, the show just existed, but at no time was it bad or anything. We got a chance to see some local talent like Jay Bradley and also got to see newcomer Larry D team with Acey Romero to form a hoss team whom I think may end up being called XXXL according to D-Lo Brown.

Now for the bad. The audience was quiet and lame the whole night. It appeared that some folks even left before the main event. The audio issues during backstage segments also reared its ugly head once again. Not sure if its Dave Sahadi or someone else that keeps producing these shows but they are either extremely incompetent or they just don’t care to present a professional product, because time and time again the audio goes out on these backstage interview segments. Overall the production has improved the last couple months, but there is just no excuse for a major league promotion to continue to have the same problems time and time again. It is a small thing, but those are small company problems.


  • Rohit Raju defeated Corey Storm
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
    • The North (c) defeated The Rascalz
  • Kiera Hogan defeated Ray Lyn
  • Willie Mack defeated Jay Bradley
  • Acey Romero and Larry D defeated OvE (Madman Fulton and Dave Crist)
  • Daga defeated Jake Crist
  • Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger
  • Knockouts Championship Match
    • Jordynne Grace (c) defeated Havok
  • No Disqualification Match
    • Moose defeated Rhino
  • Champion Vs. Champion Match
    • Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated X Division Champion Ace Austin

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