Moxley Uncrowns Jericho & Maybe the Greatest Tag Team Match Ever? AEW Revolution Results and Review

New AEW Champ Jon Moxley

Overall Show: Thumbs Way Up

AEW’s first PPV of the new decade, Revolution, was presented last night from Chicago and it was a mixed bag of very good, ok, very bad, and one of the all time great matches in history. Overall the show was very good with a HOT Chicago crowd who were in to everything, to include the referees (see Aubrey Edwards) and all the ancillary characters. My biggest nitpick of the night is that there were way too many interferences. The booking crew is very good with the details of their matches and setting up future encounters, but I think they rely too heavily on run ins. Other than that this show was a big thumbs up and was one of their best shows.

Match of the Night

Hangman Page and Omega vs The Young Bucks

Worst Match

Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander

Rundown and GRAPPL Ratings

Ill give quick rundowns of each bout with my star ratings as well as star ratings from the GRAPPL app.

World Title Match: Jericho vs Moxley

The main event featured a world title match between inaugural champion Chris Jericho and challenger Jon Moxley. This match did not really live up to expectations as it largely resembled a TNA main event with tons of interference and all the bells and whistles and blood. Moxley overcame multiple Interferences from members of the Inner Circle to become just the 2nd World Heavyweight champion in the companies short history. These two are the biggest stars in the company and have great chemistry but the over abundance of interference was just too much for my taste. The match was heated enough without most of it. The crowd really did enjoy the title change and I am interested to see where they go from here. Typically when the babyface wins, the feud is over but I don’t see that being the case here. Look for a rematch down the line and hopefully they can remove some of the gimmicks.

My Rating: 3 Stars; Grappl: 3.77

PAC vs Orange Cassidy

This was the surprise match of the night. Honestly I had zero interest in this match, and because I watched it on delay, I fully planned on skipping, and boy was I wrong. This match was awesome in a weird way. Orange Cassidy is a unique character that has totally captivated the audience like we haven’t seen in a long time. The match started out as your usual Orange Cassidy match which is total comedy.

Then there was a turning point after Cassidy was beaten down by PAC, Cassidy fired up like an old school classic babyface ala Jerry Lawler and then began hitting dives (unlike Lawler) and big moves. The crowd went totally insane for this. This Cassidy guy impressed the hell out of me and can really go. I am interested to see the progression of his character because it will have a shelf life, but his popularity does not seem to be even remotely close to ending anytime soon. The ending came when the Lucha Bros interfered (see a pattern) and took out the Best Friends, who were accompanying Orange, which caused a distraction and led to PAC slapping on the Rings of Saturn (don’t care what PAC calls it) to get the submission win.

My Rating: 4 Stars; GRAPPL 3.82

Cody Rhodes vs MJF

This match was super heated all the way through and featured the best heel vs the best babyface in the entire company. Cody was sporting a God awful neck tattoo that I was hoping was one of those fake ones you get at a carnival, but it wasn’t. This match was another that was all story, which isn’t a bad thing, and featured some interference from Wardlow, Brandi, and Arn Anderson but it wasn’t too egregious. At one point Cody accidentally kicked Arn which seems to be a planting of a seed.

Not sure I want to see Arn turn heel at this point. Another weird part was when Cody stetted whipping MJF with his weight belt in from of the ref, to which the ref attempted to stop it until Cody convinced him to turn his back, and then Cody continued to whip him. I guess the refs are all bullshit in AEW. The crowd wanted Cody to win so bad but they didn’t get it and were a little deflated after, which happens. Heels get to win too guys.

My Rating: 3 Stars; Grappl 3.26

AEW Womens Title Match Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander

This match had zero chance to to follow perhaps the greatest tag team match of all time. Terrible match placement honestly. Both of these girls are green as grass and had no business having a singles match on a major PPV as it is, but having to follow that was a complete disservice. They struggled through doing a series of moves that they probably practiced earlier. The crowd was really nice to them, which is sweet. People tend to lower their standards for what is good when they feel sorry for someone and genuinely want to see them succeed. But this was bad. Nyla won and retained her title.

My Rating: 1 Star; GRAPPL:2.3 (people are very nice)

AEW Tag Team Title Match: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs The Young Bucks

This might be my favorite tag team match I have ever seen. Not kidding. Im sure that someone has something different from their childhood that no match will ever replace and will go out of their way to be offended by this assertion, but they can calm down. This was absolutely incredible. If I had one MINOR gripe, is that it went a tad too long. This was a match that had everything, big moves, drama, storytelling, foreshadowing, hard hitting, death defying action that went just over 30 minutes.

These 4 men set the bar that tag team matches will all be compared to for years to come. Not gonna do a play by play because there was just so much to go over, instead I will just say go watch it and get ready for an epic ride. Omega and Hangman won, which actually surprised me a little. Not sure why they continue to hold off on the Bucks winning the title as they are clearly the most over tag team and them having the belts makes the most sense. However The Young Bucks were actually being booed during this match which was also surprising., and Hangman was far and away the most popular guy in the match. It took awhile and some really good character development but Page has become a superstar after what I would consider and underwhelming beginning to his run here. they have something Page and if they continue with wanting to turn him heel, which is what they appear to be teasing, I would drop it and go with him as the ass kicking, beer drinking, Cowboy babyface. There is money in a Page-Omega feud down the road, but I am not exactly sure who should turn there, because Page is so hot right now. They have lots of options.

My Rating: 5 Stars; GRAPPL: 4.74 (you just can’t please some people)

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara

This was another sleeper gem of a match. This two were great and this match was all action as one would expect with these guys. Darby Allin continues to raise his stock and is one of the most popular attractions in the company. Sammy is a shithead heel and I love him. They hit tons of big hard hitting moves with tons of flying action. Darby damn near killed himself on a tope as his foot got caught on the middle rope and he landed almost on top of his head. Sammy his the god-damndest 630 from the top to the outside through a table.

Darby ended up winning with a Coffin Drop.

My Rating: 3.75 stars; GRAPPL: 3.76

Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hagar

This match was poorly placed as well. They should not have opened the show. Darby vs Sammy would have been a much better choice for the opener. But these guys worked hard and had a decent match. Hagar looked a little rusty as he has not had a match in a long time. Dustin Rhodes is 50 years old and can still go. Honestly I would like to see these guys get another shot at match. It wasn’t bad though, but it was not exactly great either. Jake Hager won.

My Rating: 2 Stars; GRAPPL: 2.5

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