Matt Hardy All But Confirmed as Signing With AEW

In the final edition of Matt Hardy’s youtube series “Free the Delete” the Young Bucks made a cameo appearance at the Hardy compound. If that doesnt tell you that Hardy has signed a deal with AEW I don’t know what does. Although Marty Scurll made appearances on Being the Elite prior to re-signing with Ring of Honor in a total surprise, so I guess anything could happen.

Last night during Impact on AXS TV, Hardy made some public overtures and heavily praised the company. The moment I saw it I knew that not only was Hardy just being nice to some old friends, but he was also just drumming up interest for his eventual announcement and keeping the Wrestling Twitter Cesspool on their toes.

What Hardy’s role in AEW will be is all just a guess at this point. He has long been rumored as the “Exalted One” that the underwhelming AEW faction The Dark Order has been referencing. Something tells me that that would be way too obvious and it would also mean that Hardy would have to turn heel. At this point there may not be a bigger babyface to the online wrestling fan than Hardy, as he has done a great job of marketing himself as a victim of WWE’s lack of creative and a guy wh o could be so much more. Which are the types of guys AEW likes to hire (see Jericho, Moxley, Cody, Brodie Lee, etc…). It will definitely be interesting to see how this all plays out. Stay tuned to AEW Dynamite every Wednesday on TNT.

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