The WWE Rematch Problem

If you have watched WWE for longer than two weeks you have learned that if WWE does something, they will repeat it. Long dragged out feuds and constant rematches hinders talents ability to evolve, grow, and win over the crowd. The WWE has the largest active roster in professional wrestling with enough talent to fill three different weekly program. However when you are watching elimination chamber this Sunday you will be watching at least three rematches in the currently announced six matches. One of those matches, Street Profits vs Rollins and Murphy, will be happening for the third time in ten days for the Raw Tag Team Titles.

No stipulation change. Rematch fatigue can wear down even the most hard core of fans. It also adds additional pressure to the performers trying to keep fans invested. Why should I care about a match that is happening on Super Showdown when the exact same match is going to happen on raw and then again at Elimination Chamber. When competition at an all time high WWE is failing to keep things fresh and its audience is noticing. To say this is the only factor in WWE’s slumping ratings and network subscribers when definitely be an overstatement but to ignore it as a contributing factor would be foolish. For the first time in years the WWE Network has dropped below 1 million American subscribers and their monthly ppvs being their biggest draw to the subscription, more has to be done to keep the interest in the casual fan. With so much content readily available at little or sometimes no cost, things have to feel special. For the company that lived on the line of “anything can happen” they have proven if you watch it this week you are likely to see it next week. When you’re watching Elimination Chamber this week try to guess which match will be redone the next night on raw or five days later on Smackdown. Because if there is anything WWE has taught us its that when they do something, then hell or high water they will repeat it.

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