Did IMPACT Wrestling Just Forget About Lockdown?

Last month, Impact Wrestling announced the return of one of their most popular themed events, Lockdown, where every match is contested inside of a steel cage. Lockdown 2020 takes place on March 28th in Windsor Ontario at St. Claire College, in conjunction with Scott D’Amores Border City Wrestling and will be airing exclusively on Impact Plus and FITE.

What is concerning is that we are just over three weeks away and we still have not seen a single match announcement. It appears as if Impact has decided to harness their energy in to promoting their TNA: No Place Like Home (April 2nd on FITE) show and their upcoming PPV Rebellion (April 19th on FITE). Last months solid, yet underwhelming Impact Plus production, Sacrifice, featured many match announcesments in the weeks leading up to the show and also featured a main event of World Champ Tessa Blanchard vs X Champ Ace Austin which actually built the match in several segments on their weekly TV show. Up to this point we have seen several tweets (last being on Feb 29) and ads on TV but there still have yet to be any feuds or match announcements for the show.

The promotion of Sacrifice was a breath of fresh air to Impact Plus subscribers who felt like the company did not put a whole lot of effort in to the monthly shows, which are shows being paid for by the audience. Ahead of the show, Sacrifice seemed like it had meaning and that the viewer really needed to see it to keep up with progressing storylines and feuds. Mind you Impact taped weeks of television before Sacrifice and the episodes that were taped were airing weeks AFTER Sacrifice (they are still airing btw) so if you just so happened to read spoilers you already knew that zero titles were going to change hands, but at least they made the event seem special.

Fans have been clamoring for a return of Lockdown for a couple years and I sure hope that the company begins to take that seriously, as Impact has an extremely small (domestic), yet passionate and vocal audience and deserve to get their moneys worth for the show. So hopefully they announce several matches soon and those matches deliver.

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