What the Hell Happened to Lance Archers AEW Debut?

After originally being announced and advertised as debuting on last nights AEW on TNT, Lance Archer was nowhere to be found. What we did see was WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts debut confronting Cody Rhodes and promising a new “client” from the “Darkside” aiming to take out Cody. According to Dave Meltzer on last nights Wrestling Observer Radio, there was a creative change earlier in the week and they decided against debuting him, despite being advertised.

This would mark the first time that AEW has not delivered on an advertised segment, as they see what has happened in WWE, WCW, and TNA and how that negatively impacts the audience. What that tells me is that they must have something huge planned if they are willing to risk turning off an audience that has been burned by other companies in the past, so much so that they helped boost what we are seeing now as the AEW Revolution.

Archer is definitely coming in but the creative plans for him have changed. Could that mean that Arhcher is Jakes client? Who knows. Maybe its Brody Lee? Maybe both?

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