EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling Present: Women Behaving Badly


On International Womens Day I watched my first ever event from Eve Pro Wrestling. Eve is a Punk Rock Wrestling group that has been the home of Viper, Killer Kelly, Nikki Cross (previously known as Nikki Storm), Paige (known then as Britani Knite), and many more. Overall the show was a fun watch and was highlighted by their lively fans. Coming in I had little knowledge of most of the competitors on the card but was left with the impression of Kasey, Holidead, and Sammii Jayne stealing the show. For a company that has historically laid the foundation for womens wrestling, the future looks bright.


Laura Di Matteo def. Kira Chimera

Really quick match. Early strike exchanges and stiff forearms by Kimira. Laura DeMateo won via tombstone.

Kasey defeats Maddison Miles (making her Eve debut)

Kasey wins via pin fall after a Death Valley driver and then a running knee strike. Overall a fun match. Good back and forth with clean work. With the victory Kasey advances to the main event for the Eve International Championship

Jetta defeats Clementine

Before the match it is pointed out that Jetta has pinned Manami Toyota, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, and Kae Lee Rae all for a 2 count.

The match opens with Clementine trying to tear apart an orange. After she is unable to Jetta takes the orange and states you need to hit it on a hard surface before hitting Clementine over the head with the orange. The crowd loved that spot.

There’s was some discussion between the two competitors when Clementine when for the People’s Clembone. Jetta not knowing what the move was led to Clementine explaining the move which Jetta said was her Princess Elbow. Clementine pointed out that Jetta stole the move from The Rock who Jetta was not familiar with. After a vote from the crowd it was determined that the People’s Clembone was more popular and Jetta laid down to take the move. She however moved and caused Clementine to stop her elbow to the mat.

Jetta won the match after blocking a roll up reversal. It appeared Jetta may have been standing on Clementines hair making it difficult to kick out. This was a fun comedy match to change the pace before things got serious again later in the card.

Sammii Jayne (c) defeats Holidead (winner advances to the main event vs Kasey)

Winner Sammi Jayne via pin fall. So far this was the best match on the card. Solid ring work, no comedy spots, and clean spots. Holidead looked really good and put Sammi iover strong. To be entirely honest I did not take many notes from this match as I was more invested in it. If you were to go out of your way to watch just one match from this show, Sammii vs Holidead would be the match to watch.

Video Package for Da Bad Bitches Club

Zoe Lucas vs Rebel Kinney

Lucas comes out fast going for Lou Thesz Press but is caught by Kinney and overpowered into the corner. Kinney slammed Lucas for a 3 count with Lucas’ foot on the rope. The ref called for the match but after protest from Lucas, and Kinney admitting the foot was on the rope, the ref restarted the match. Lucas immediately with a boot to the head. Lucas won after an axe kick across the body bridging to a pin.

Skye Smitson defeats Session Moth Martina

Martina invited Skye in sharing a toast for international women’s day. Skye hit Martina with the beer can instead. Good back and forth with Martina controlling most of the matches offense. Smitson was able to get the victory via ping all after hitting the Smitson Effect. (Rolling ddt of sorts similar to Sister Abigail, instead hooking the head from the neck side as opposed to body side)

Rhia O’Reilly (c) defeats Alpha Female

Alpha Female controls the early part of the match mostly with forearm strikes. Some fighting outside the ring, alpha female locks in a rear choke. Oreilly was able to break the hold by stabbing Alpha with a fork. Then choking Alpha with electrical cables. Action gets back in the ring and Oreilly strikes Alpha with a chair to the back and then a double arm ddt. Rhea was able to get the win via pin fall after a second ddt onto the chair.

Bonnie Knockers performed a burlesque dance about the importance of checking yourself for breast cancer.

Main event: Kasey defeats Sammii Jayne (c) – TITLE CHANGE !!!For the Eve International Championship


Kasey attacks Sammi from behind as Sammi was entering the ring. Kasey worked Sammi into the corner and landed a double knee strike but went for a second and missed. Sammi backed Kasey into corner and hit a kick to the head. Back and forth work between the two from there. Sammi throws Kasey outside and then hits a suicide dive before tossing Kasey back in the ring who immediately recovers and hitting a dive herself. Back and forth action before Kasey hits a Death Valley driver on the apron. Near fall back in the ring. Sammi hits a big Suplex from the top rope, holds on and does a hooked leg Minchinoku Driver for a near fall. Kasey makes a bit of a comeback and delivers a few knee strikes to the jaw but Sammi counters after the second one with a sit out powerbomb. Near fall. Back and forth action before Kasey hit a running knee for the pin. There was some confusion with the pin as you could not hear (or on the see) the ref count the three. The ref did do a check on Sammi and Sammi signaled she was ok (the knee strike was stiff). After the match Sammi declared she will invoke a rematch on April 4th.

Be sure to order the replay on FITE TV at the following link


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