David Starr Pushed Out of WXW by WWE?

David Starr, the controversial yet supremely talented independent wrestler has found his way out of WWE affiliated European promotion WXW. Starr lost a title vs career match against Bobby Gunns during the company’s 16 Carat Gold show over the weekend.

Last night on Wrestling Observer Radio (sub req’d) Dave Meltzer reported that Starr may have been pushed out of the promotion by WWE and is potentially out of UK’s Progress Wrestling and may even be finishing up with Irelands OTT as WWE is looking to block him from working with any of their affiliated promotions. Starr is currently the OTT champ and is scheduled to defend his title against AEW Champ Jon Moxley this weekend. It will be very telling if Starr loses his title to another WWE enemy in Moxley as it could spell the end of Starr in 3 of WWE’s European affiliates.

Starr has been extremely vocal about unionizing wrestlers and has taken a very public anti WWE or any other corporation stance over the years. Starr also stepped on the NXT title in a match vs WALTER and totally buried the WWE developmental system in one of the greatest hype videos I have ever seen in my life prior to his his fantastic match for the OTT title against Jordan Devlin last year. WWE has obviously taken notice and wants nothing to do with him.

Starr understands his political venom will continue to lose him money and he seems to be OK with it. He even one time almost talked himself out of a big match in Israel against Jay Lethal because he felt the need to speak up about Israels government and verbally abuse the ultra conservative owners of ROH: Sinclair Media.

The sad part is, David Starr could be a huge draw for any of the major promotions out there. He is an amazing promo and is capable of having incredible matches and posses the type of charisma that galvanizes the audience. He is a young guy under thirty with the whole world in front of him but politics have become more important to him, and thats what makes him so unique. But for a guy in a business where at any moment you could become confined to a wheel chair due to the slightest mistake, you would like to see him make as much money as possible. One day he might wake up at 40 years old and wish that he had just played ball a little bit, but for now its fun to watch him fight against the system, as it has made for entertaining drama in independent wrestling. For now, do yourself a favor and watch his Five Star classic vs Devlin from OTT last year.

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