SUPERKICK’D Releases “We Aint Playin'” on YouTube

Superkick’d Pro Wrestling Rock Show uploaded their latest even “We Aint Playin” for free on YouTube. This was my first exposure to their show and needless to say, after this event ill be coming back for more. This show reminded me of rock shows I used to go to when I was in my twenties. The featured 3 attempts of having a match (the last one being successful) between HOSSES Impact Wrestling’s Jake Something (Cousin Jake) and Jessie V. The entire show featured chains as ropes, the audience was wild and heavily involved, and lots of great action. Typically I would run down the card and tell you who wins, but I think it would be better to just watch the free show below and get to know a Canadian Indy group that will get a lot bigger here in the near future.

If you need to wet you appetite a little bit, check out the clips I posted of the various Jake and Jessie encounters.

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