Dark Side of the Ring: The Chris Benoit Story Full Episode

Reliving the horrific Benoit tragedy this week has been awful. Up until Benoit made a conscious decision to murder his wife and child and then kill himself, he was my absolute favorite wrestler. As guilty as it makes me feel, I still have fond memories of his career but it had taken me a long time to get to a place mentally to be able to separate his art from his actions. This episode of Dark Side of the Ring has made it harder to do that.

The team over at Vice did a tremendous telling the story of what happened in a 2 hour period. Honestly this show could have been a mini-series spread out over weeks, but I am thankful it didnt. Not sure I could have handled more than what we got.

The only new information that arose from the doc was Vickie Guerrero telling stories about just how heartbroken Chris was after Eddie Guerrero died. I always knew that it hit him hard, but didnt quite fully grasp how bad it was until hearing Vickie.

The doc also marked the first time that I can remember David Benoit, Chris’ surviving son, speaking publicly on the incident. After everything went down, the fine folks at WWE basically pretended like David didnt exist. You have to feel for the guy, who obviously has to carry the weight of not only his family name, his striking resemblance to his father, and all the abandonment issues he is going through.

This is probably the best, most hard hitting episode they have done yet. See both parts below.

Part One

Part 2

After Dark

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