Vince McMahon Can’t Do Business With CM Punk

According to Dave Meltzer in his latest editon of the Wrestling Observer, that Vince McMahon says that CM Punk is “the one man I just can’t do business with”. Punk appears to have burned more than that bridge as old friend Paul Heyman nor anyone else in leadership are arguing on his behalf. Punk has recently stated that he would come back for the right opponent and money, but WWE seems unlikely.

Meltzer states that sources within the company have expressed to him that Punk “devalued himself when his wrestling comeback was on WWE Backstage and after the first week, there was no more ratings jump in the show, rather than holding out for a big appearance”

No matter what anyone says, Punks return to the ring would be huge with any promotion and theres money to be made there. He is the last of their megastars and he is within reach, I still think its only a matter of time before he returns despite WWE’s current feelings about him.

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