WWE Not Interested in Alberto Del Rio

Dave Meltzer in his latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that the WWE has no interest in signing former World Champion Alberto Del Rio at this time. Meltzers sources stated that Vince McMahon has Alberto in the CM Punk category and is unwilling to do business with him. Alberto recently revealed that he was in negotiations with the company but WWE claims that is not true.

Alberto while a very good wrestler and is well spoken is also 42 years old and has a track record of poor behavior. He once beat up a wrestling Ninja Turtle (probably had it coming), slapped a WWE office employee, and no showed multiple dates for AAA and Impact leading to him getting fired from both companies. He most recently was seen getting a very deserved ass beating from Tito Ortiz in an MMA fight for Combate Americas.

I do think Alberto has some value but WWE and AEW would both be better served to steer clear of him. I would however like to see him get another shot in Impact, who is dying for some buzz and star power.

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