Potential Host Cities for UFC 249 Exposed?

Earlier in the week, oddsmakers from Betonline.ag were actually taking bets as to where the fight would happen. They have since taken it down, but not before I strategically grabbed a screen shot.

Florida is clearly in the lead here and with good reason. My source within the reffing and judging community (yes, after 3 months of blogging I finally know someone with inside info) MMA refs and judges are currently getting licensed in the state of Florida in preparation-for this event. Gov Rick Scott could throw a wrench in to their plans and ban them but as of right now Tampa Bay and Jacksonville are both in play. Orlando is out because they have issued a stay at home order for the whole city.

In the meantime, to avoid the state of Californias Stay at Home order, Khabib snuck out of the country and went to Russia and now appears to be getting ready in Dubai. Dubai is another city on the list of potential hosts, despite them also having a stay at home order. EDIT: He stayed in Russia. Lots of conflicting reports out there.

Dana White is bound and determined to have this event and does not seem to care about pissing people off or about the possibility of getting people sick and/or spreading the virus. He has CEOs at Endeavor and Disney that want their fights and he is doing whatever he can to make it happen.

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