AJPW: Miyahara vs Suwama Was Awesome.

No real story for me to tell here. I had the chance to check out All Japans Ace and future megastar Kento Miyahara take on Suwama and Im so glad I did. The two went at it this past weekend in a 50 minute bout that honestly felt like 20. Enjoy this while you can because it looks like all wrestling in Japan will be taking another break soon.

To be perfectly honest with you, Im not all that familiar with AJPWs current product but every now and then I’ll hear about a must see match and I will make sure to check it out. Often times as it relates to AJPW, the name Miyahara is the one that pops up and every time I watch one of his matches I become a bigger fan than I was before. Suwama for his part was also great and this one was a fantastic match worth checking out.

Like most Miyahara matches it starts out a little slow but the pace is great and he is just an unbelievable performer. A good brother uploaded it below, check it out before the man takes it down.

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