FITE TV Inks Distribution Deal With WWE for WrestleMania 36

Our friends over at FITE TV have finally gotten in to the WWE business as they announced that they will be streaming WrestleMania 36 this weekend on their app. WWE also announced a deal with the Fox Sports App. The price tag for the weekend package is $59.99

This is obviously huge news for FITE, as they are undoubtedly the largest distributor of combat sports content in the world, but due to WWE using their network as their main distributor, no other company has been able to sell their shows.

This appears to be WWE dipping their toes in the water of getting back in to the PPV business. Vince McMahon earlier this year stated that he was willing to sell their PPV rights ala UFC-ESPN and make them exclusive to a specific distributor. It will however come at a huge price for whoever lands WWE as they are looking for UFC money.

Side Note: Kudos to FITE for not using a photo advertising the Reigns-Goldberg match.

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