WWE Continues to False Advertise WrestleMania 36

Just days away from this weeks taped WrestleMania 36 being set to air, and despite their guy Ryan Satin breaking the story last week that Roman Reigns indeed backed out of his planned WrestleMania 36 match against WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg, WWE is continuing to sell PPVs to consumers using the matchup as one of its top selling points. WWE even reached a deal with Fox to sell the show on its Fox app for $59.99.

It would be one thing if they found out just hours before the show is set to air that he wouldn’t be able to compete but not only have they had over a week to prepare, The replacement match has already been taped. That’s right, Braun Strowman stepped in to replace Reigns and the match has already taken place last week to air on WrestleMania this weekend. So the folks purchasing the PPV early in hopes to see a multigenerational dream match will get Strowman vs Goldberg instead.

This is nothing new for the company as they tend to use the “card subject to change” excuse often however, that doesn’t really apply to this situation because the card already happened. They could have easily stated that Braun replaced Roman because Roman has fucking Leukemia and shouldn’t be leaving his house during this COVID 19 outbreak. But WWE feels that if they continue to advertise the match, more people will buy, and they will ultimately get away with it, and they are right.

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