Peacock No Longer an Option for WWE?

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the discussions between WWE and upcoming streaming service from NBC (Comcast/Universal) called “Peacock” have ended. Apparently Peacock wants to focus on upper scale programming despite the fact that WWE has carried NBC’s top cable property, USA Network for years and years.

This is a personal disappointment for me as I was looking forward to reporting on WWE shows on the Cock.

Peacock being out on WWE continues to limit their options. DAZN, which would have been another viable option would likely be out as well. DAZN is in massive amounts of debt and recently stopped paying rights fees to its partners, including Bellator. FITE TV doesn’t seem likely as well considering WWE would be looking for a big guaranteed money deal and while they offer favorable revenue splits on PPV buys, they likely would not be in a position to be WWE’s exclusive PPV partners. That would leave just FOX, who is also offering the Wrestlemania 36 PPV on its app, and ESPN, who currently is the exclusive promoter of UFC PPVs.

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