Ric Flair Teaming With The Rock on Biopic?

In a recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, The Nature Boy Ric Flair teased that he may be teaming with The Rock on an upcoming film about his life.

The Rock and his studio have already released a decently successful wrestling film about Paige’s life story called “Fighting With My Family” so he is obviously open to more films about wrestling. Everything the Rock touches turns to gold in the movie business and making one about a multigenerational icon like Flair would surely be a hit.

Flair’s life story is tailor made for the big screen. From being adopted to surviving through Verne Gagnes death camp, to breaking his back in a plane crash just before he was about to break out as a megastar, to winning the world title, being forced out of WCW in ‘91, the lawsuit against Bischoff, his retirement, his son Reids death, and then almost dying again after weeks in the hospital.

Actually his life could be a Netflix miniseries, much like the Irishman should have been. If the project comes to fruition, who plays Ric? Heres my pick…. Ryan Goslin

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