Backstage News on the Awesome “Boneyard Match” at Wrestlemania 36

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Whatculture has a really interest article with some exclusive behind the scenes news regarding last nights Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 36. Here are some highlights:

The set took 5 days to build and was filmed far away from the Performance Center. They used an outside production company exclusively for this match. They filmed it overnight (9pm – 5am) on March 26th.

The original idea for the The awesome entrance scene featuring the badass Metallica song “Now That We’re Dead” had to be scrapped and shot in a different location than what was planned. According to Whatculture “WWE officials wanted to use an abandoned ditch, bridge and roadside to herald ‘Taker’s biking bad ass arrival for the match, but the production crew warned them it was city property. They didn’t have a permit to shoot there, and there wasn’t enough time to secure one let alone build sets.”

Metallica was definitely on board with the usage of their song as they sent out the following tweet last night.

WWE hired workers from Orange County as an effort to give back to the community. The druids were local hired extras. They were all quite nervous but Taker and AJ were very patient and led them through.

The smack talk and all the promo work was “100% improvised” between the two. The producers just let them do their thing.

Undertaker bleeding was a total accident. Undertaker punched through the hearse window and cut up his arm. They almost re-shot it but then decided that the blood looked awesome. They were right.

Undertaker came up with the idea of AJ’s hand coming up through the dirt as an homage to his 1996 Buried Alive match. The hand was a prop obviously. While what they did was great, Twitter user Trev Moulton had a much better idea.

The Boneyard Match was the best thing on night 1 by far. So many great moments that will penetrate our timelines though Gifs and memes for years to come. Hope they do something like it again one day.

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