Former IMPACT Wrestling star Killer Kross, a Combat Republic favorite, finally made his debut in the closing moments of last nights NXT, attacking Tomasso Ciampa

Minutes after the show ended it was revealed that hi new name is going to be “Karrion Kross”. Upon first hearing it, I hated it. WWE has decided to change his name for two reasons, 1) trademarking purposes and 2) they really do not want one of their stars being called “Killer” in a PC environment. Here’s his new T-Shirt with the new name on it.

One of our followers sent me the meaning behind the name, and it fits right in with the Kross persona. According to The Websters Dictionary *carrion means “dead and putrefying flesh”. So now i’m on board.

When Kross signed he was originally slated to be fast tracked to the main roster but as with many things in WWE world, especially these days, plans changed and he will now be a member of the NXT roster for the foreseeable future.


  1. You are a writer and didn’t know what carrion means? Further, rather than looking it up you jumped to conclusions. WWE has become so much better at naming superstars, you’d think that someone like Kross would get a name that really means something.


    1. Calling me a writer is a strong accusation. Im just a guy who writes up nonsense about Combat Sports as a hobby and a way to be creative when I get free time. But yeah originally just assumed it was a WWE BS names. But once I found out what it meant, I thought it was awesome, which is what I explained.


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