Black Wednesday: A Rundown of a Dark Day in WWE.

Hoarding talent in an effort to keep other small companies from growing has finally come back to haunt the WWE. In an effort to keep their profits up they have executed the single biggest set of one-day cuts in their history. All the wrestlers released are on 90 day no competes and cannot appear for any other company prior to July 15th. Heres the list so far with more NXT cuts to be announced soon:

* Rusev
* Zack Ryder
* No Way Jose
* Mike Kanellis
* Maria Kanellis
* Primo
* Epico
* Rowan
* Sarah Logan
* Karl Anderson
* Luke Gallows
* EC3
* Drake Maverick
* Curt Hawkins
* Heath Slater
* Eric Young
* Lio Rush

The producers cuts that were announced yesterday are actually “furloughs”. Meaning that they can be brought back at any time. Word going around is that they end date of their furlough is July 1st but that can obviously change.

* Kurt Angle (Released)
* Billy Kidman
* Mike Rotunda
* Pat Buck
* Fit Finlay
* Shawn Daivari
* Scott Armstrong
* Sarah Stock
* Shane Helms
* Lance Storm

* Aiden English

* Mike Chioda

* Andrea Listenberger

The company looks to save $4 million a month with these cuts. There was talk of WWE having $500 million of cash on hand but tht isnt true. Jake Barnett and Brian McMahon (Front Row Brian/Fight Oracle) did some digging and they really only (yeah I know) have $90M in “liquid cash” and the rest are from existing credit lines and other assets, loans, etc. Basically they access to $500M in cash but they don’t just have that lying around.

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