Free Agency Outlook: Gallows and Anderson

The biggest surprise of all those released by WWE last month were Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Fresh off of performing along side AJ Styles in the main event of WrestleMania during the infamous “Boneyard Match” with the Undertaker, the WWE released the popular duo. The former WWE tag team champions had recently signed a very lucrative 5 year deal when WWE made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Prior to that the team had been looking to move on with big opportunities elsewhere with less travel and the desire for better creative. Despite winning the tag titles the team never made it passed a certain level and was often used as a comedy act or as on again off again henchmen for AJ Styles. Much like many other acts, WWE did not see what the rest of the wrestling world saw in them, despite spending big to keep them from helping other promotions.

If you follow Gallows and Anderson on Twitter, they are not discriminating against which company they are publicly flirting with, so it’s hard to get a read on where they might end up. But why not shamelessly speculate right?

Most Likely: All Elite Wrestling

Rumors were swirling that prior to re-signing with WWE they were ear marked to join other former Bullet Club members The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes in AEW. Could AEW still be on the table for the good brothers? In my opinion Gallows and Anderson have AEW written all over them. AEW is positioning themselves as having one of the all time great tag team divisions with the likely signing of The Revival (Now the Revolt) along with other teams like The Bucks, Santana and Ortiz, the Lucha Bro’s, SCU, the and the Best Friends among others. AEW’s tag division is already stacked and Gallows and Anderson would continue the trend of being the cool landing spot for underutilized former WWE talent. The only wrench that may be thrown in to this signing is just how loaded their division already is and The Hoots would likely be looking for a big contract. They will likely have several other suitors in the mix as any company would want to add a popular veteran team that is great in the locker room.

Update: Dave Meltzer isnt so sure they will end up here. He wrote this in his newsletter just last night: “They would certainly have allies in AEW and are a good team. They are not game changers and AEW is already loaded with teams. Plus, with the Revival seemingly AEW bound, this really isn’t the time to bring them in.”

Likely: New Japan Pro Wrestling

The Good Brothers have an extensive history with New Japan, especially Karl Anderson. They are former IWGP Tag Team Champions, Bullet Club members, and have deep ties to several performers there. The only problem I see is that the coronavirus has not let up and the Hoots will be available to sign on July 15. New Japan just cancelled the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, as well as their August “Wrestle Dynasty” show that was scheduled for Madison Square Garden. That leads me to believe that they are not expecting travel between the US and Japan anytime soon. I could see Gallows and Anderson landing with a US company and making sure they have it in their contracts that they are allowed to work dates for New Japan ala Moxley and Jericho. So regardless of where they sign, Gallows and Anderson will be popping up in New Japan once the world opens up again.

Maybe: Impact Wrestling

I leaned on calling Impact a long shot, but AEW is not going to sign everyone. I do believe AEW will have first dibs on any free agents because they are the hot promotion right now, but if Impact is looking to get some attention, I’m sure Gallows and Anderson will listen. They would have to overpay, but it would be worth it. Right now Impact is the company that people like to shit on based off of dark years in the past. They could really use guys that the audience thinks are cool. The cool factor is one of the things that spring-boarded AEW and something Impact is badly missing. If Gallows and Anderson did wind up here, they would immediately be a top team and a top act as Impacts tag team division with The North as the top team, has been fairly thin since the departures last year of LAX and The Lucha Brothers. The division has made some strides in recent months with the additions of TJP and Fallah Bah, XXL, and Reno Scum.

Unlikely: RoH, MLW, and NWA

None of these three promotions seems likely for The Good Brothers. If any of the three had a shot it would be MLW, considering Gallows and Anderson go way back with Court Bauer and the boys host a great podcast on the MLW Radio Network called “Talkin Shop”. Even if they did end up in MLW it would likely be for a one-off out of friendship.

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