Austin Aries and Alberto Del Rio Had Heat in IMPACT

Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Don Callis was a guest on this weeks edition of Konnan’s “Keeping it 100” podcast. During the show he told a story regarding a 2018 incident between Austin Aries and Alberto Del Rio. If you remember, the two were set to headline Impacts inaugural PPV under the Callis/D’Amore regime in April of 2018 called Redemption.

In the buildup to the match, Callis in producing Del Rio prior to Del Rio cutting a promo to hype the match, instructed him not to bring attention to Aries’ height. ADR assured the exec it wouldnt be an issue, and then sure enough ADR grabs the mic and tells Aries in a not-so-clever fashion “I’m tall and you’re short!” The promo in question is below, but his comment was edited out.

That comment among other things created some tension between the two. As fate would have it, the match never happened. Del Rio no showed a live event prior to the PPV and was abruptly fired. Aries went on to lose the title at Redemption to Pentagon Jr during fantastic 3-Way match with Rey Fenix.

The psychology of why that is wrong as explained by Callis is that you never want to bring attention to your opponents perceived weaknesses. If you tell the world that your opponent sucks and then lose the match, well then you lost to someone who sucks. Or if you win, you didn’t beat anybody anyway. Never expose your opponents weaknesses, build up their skills while tearing down their behavior and character.

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