IS STING HEADED TO AEW? Sting is Officially a Free Agent

UPDATE May 12 2020: Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported today that Sting is no longer under contract to WWE. Satin goes on to say that that does not mean that a new deal cant be worked out, but he is officially a free agent.

There’s lots of Wrestling Twitter speculation running a muck today that WWE Hall of Famer the “Icon” Sting may be headed to AEW. The first telling sign came when it was announced that Sting would no longer be a part of the upcoming action figure line “Legends Series 7” due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cody Rhodes, ever the opportunist replied to that tweet to add a little fuel to the fire. Sting himself has been more active than usual on twitter and has began tweeting about AEW talent, which is unusual for a WWE contracted employee.

Rumor has it that either his WWE Legends contract expired or he has been released as part of the cutbacks. While wrestling appears out of the question at this point, Sting would be a valuable asset to the video company especially considering they are looking to sign toy and video game deals soon. Just his presence alone could help with those deals. He could also play an on air character even if they aren’t looking to add an authority figure.

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