MLW Re-Signs Hammerstone; Big News Coming

MLW National Openweight Champion has joined Dynasty stable mate Richard Holliday and has opted to re-sign with MLW. There were rumors that both he and Holliday were being pursued by AEW but the up and comers decided to stick with the company that gave them their first break. Hammerstone made the announcement on his Twitter.

MLW CEO Court Bauer continues to keep MLW in the news by dropping hints of a major distribution deal. If you remember there were previous strategic “leaks” about them being seen at Viacom HQ and talking with Showtime and Amazon Prime. The pro wrestling media has been kind enough to play along. Dave Meltzer reported in his Observer Newsletter that it appears to be some sort of streaming deal. If I had to venture a guess it would be Twitch, Prime, or Tubi. None of which would be game changers unless a huge rights fee came with it.

Showtime and DAZN would be longshots at this point but who knows. DAZN is out looking for funding to keep their doors open and plan on dumping Bellator if they are able to continue. Getting out from that Bellator deal could open doors to cheaper programming and Pro Wrestling would be a good fit for the network. MLW is already on DAZN in other countries.

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