MLW Signs Streaming Deal With DAZN

MLW’s big streaming announcement was finally reported today by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. MLW signed a deal with combat sports streaming giant DAZN. MLW’s programming will continue to air on Bein Sports. This news comes as it is being reported that DAZN is in shambles financially and is desperate to add cheaper content. DAZN is already looking to dump Bellator and has been trying to add funding. The pandemic has been awful for DAZN.

This is a great deal for MLW, as I’m sure they are at least getting more money than what they were getting from YouTube. But this does put them in less homes and when rumors began to leak (by Court Bauer) that there was a big deal in place, the thought was it would be more accessible, but that isn’t the case. However, by virtue of being associated with DAZN and their boxing programming this could potentially lead to greater viewership. People are far more likely to watch a program on a service they are paying for and with the potential of being promoted alongside Canelo Alvarez and Bellator, we could see a significant increase in viewership. Time will tell.

As I’ve stated before in previous articles related to this subject, DAZN was always a likely destination. MLW has aired on DAZN in the past in many markets outside North America and it was only a matter of time before they began adding pro wrestling content.

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