EC3 RoH Tease?

Last night on Impact, the company continued their build to Slammiversary and their multiple layered teases of released WWE talents joining the company. One major tease occurred after the Moose-Hernandez TNA title match when after Moose picked up the victory, EC3’s dreadful “Trouble Trouble Trouble” theme song played in the studio.

Impact furthered the teases later in the evening by pronouncing that at “least” one former world champion would return at Slammiversary. Then aired a video showing former champs such as Bully Ray, Angle, Sting, Eric Young, and the aforementioned EC3.

Well this morning EC3 threw a wrench into all the teases from Impact last night by posting a new video of proclaiming that there is “No honor in what we do” then closing the video of him in front of the RoH logo.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to make of any of this and all the misdirection is keeping me guessing. Could EC3 be RoH bound? I guess it’s possible. Is it a smokescreen? Could be. I really don’t know what to expect at Slammiversary and people have been keeping a tight lid on things and that’s awesome.

I don’t really think EC3 is a good fit there and is perfect for Impact, but you never know what to expect in wrestling these days. One thing is for sure, this free agency period has been very interesting.

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