Impact Fires Joey Ryan and Dave Crist; Suspends Michael Elgin

Impact Wrestling released the following statement in regards to their talent being implicated in the #SpeakingOut movement:

“IMPACT Wrestling confirms that it has terminated its contracts with Dave Crist and Joey Ryan, effective immediately. In addition, it has suspended Michael Elgin pending further review of allegations of misconduct.”

Joey Ryan, who ironically enough was leading a faction called “Cancel Culture” has been accused by at least 15 women (last I checked) of sexual assault and or/misconduct. Joey’s promotion Bar Wrestling has ceased operations. Ryan has deleted all social media accounts following a failed apology.

Dave Crist was already finished up with the company prior to their latest set of tapings a couple weeks ago. The locker room had soured on him stemming from injuring Rich Swann among many other things. Crist is being accused of sexual misconduct and being physically/emotionally abusive.

Michael Elgin, one of the companies top stars and whom I picked to win the title has been suspended pending review of his behavior. Elgin is being accused of sending lewd photos to a female wrestler named Kaitlin Diemond.

Elgin came in to the company with some baggage but I doubt those that hired him knew of this incident. This ones a little tricky considering he apparently used a fake email. The accuser claims to have proof. Whether or not its a fireable offense will be up to Impact. Its definitely creepy behavior if true. They should talk to all their female talent and see if they think he has been redeemed enough to work there.

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