Zicky Dice Granted Release by NWA

Sean Ross Sapporo of Fightful Select is reporting that NWA TV champion Zicky Dice has asked and has been granted his release by the company. NWA is currently on hiatus until Jan 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic and following the resignation of their VP David Lagana, who was named in the #SpeakingOut movement.

Zicky is just the latest performer to leave the company, as Ricky Starks recently signed with AEW and Tasha Steelz signed with Impact. Honestly I think it’s going to get worse for the NWA before it gets better. With COVID numbers rising and Indy promotions dying at an alarming rate for a variety of reasons, more and more talents will try and get signed by one of the few companies still running.

Zicky is a guy that I could see ending up in either AEW or Impact. He’s a really good worker and very entertaining. AEW has been cranking up on their comedy as of late so Zicky would fit right in there. He’s got an old school 80’s heel character and Tony Khan has an affinity for those type of guys.

There’s more details in the Fightful Select story. Be sure to subscribe to their Patreon, Sean and his team always do a great job.

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