Who’s the Slammiversary Mystery Man?

Impact Wrestling presents “Slammiversary” this coming Saturday Night live on FITE, and the wrestling world is buzzing about who the mystery man will be in the main event 4-Way Dance for the Impact Championship. Its been implied that a former world champion and/or other recently released WWE talents could be making an appearance, but to the best of my knowledge the possibility of who the 4th man could be is wide open.

The original main event was a 5-Way match for the Impact title featuring Former champ Tessa Blanchard, who was recently stripped of the title and released after failing to come to terms on a new contract, and Michael Elgin, who was released after being named in the #SpeakingOut movement, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, and Eddie Edwards. After Elgin and Tessa hit the bricks, Impact management decided to add a new wrinkle and announced a mystery 4th member to the match to compete for the vacant championship.

Theres been plenty of rumors and speculation, most of which is being fueled by Impact to create intrigue, as to who the mystery man could be. Lets break down the possibilities:

Most Likely: Bully Ray

Former TNA World Champ and WWE & TNA Hall of Famer Bully Ray’s contract with Ring of Honor recently came to an end and is a free agent. Impact has been teasing the return of Aces and Eights, the former Sons of Anarchy knock off stable which Bully was the leader of. Impact could re-form the group with Bully as the leader with former stable mate Doc Gallows and his partner Karl Anderson, both of whom have already signed deals here, as a trio. In the latest teaser video for Slammiversary, there are three whiskey glasses, implying a trio is on its way. Bully being the mystery man would leave many fans disappointed, as this would hardly be earth shattering, but I do think the trio could ultimately win people over.

Best Choice: Rusev/Miro

Of all the released WWE talent, Rusev has the biggest main event potential. He is seen in the same light as Brodie Lee and Moxley as someone who was great that ended up being squandered by bad creative. Putting him right in the main event and having him win the title would definitely put the wrestling world on notice that Impact is a player again. Rusev as champion would mean 10000 times more than any of the other three.

UPDATE: Literally minutes after I posted this peice, Rusev announced he is positive for COVID-19. Read the story here

Highly Probable: EC3

Former TNA champ EC3 is in all likelihood making his return to the company on July 18th. Whether that return involves the main event of Slammiversary remains to be seen. While it is a strong possibility that this would be the scenario, I think it is more likely that EC3 returns to challenge or attack Moose after he defends his TNA title against Tommy Dreamer. They are gonna have to do something to spice that matchup a bit because well honestly, Dreamer in a bit time PPV match in 2020 is the shits.

Unlikely: Sting or Kurt Angle

The two legends and hall of famers names and images have been tossed around as possibilities lately. They were featured in the latest teasers and Angle specifically has been named on TV by various talents. While I do think either or both men could potentially come in for an appearance here and there, I highly doubt they are going to be in the main event of Slammiversary this year. You honestly would not want to waste their appearances as mystery men when you could be using their names to draw PPVs. Their returns, if it happens at all, should be promoted well in advance.

Bottom Line: Slammiversary Must Deliver

After all the drama and issues leading in to Slammiversary on July 18th one thing is for sure: Impact has to deliver. The show went from one of the companies most anticipated events of the last 5 years to a laughing stock riddled with scandal. But now that the smoke is clear and the bad apples are seemingly gone, Impact has the opportunity to reframe their perception as a low level feeder promotion on the brink of death to a solid number 3 promotion in North America and top 5 in the world. If they properly use their young home grown talent, mix in well known free agents, and bring back a couple legends, they could be on the right track to rebuilding their audience.

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