Slammiversary Lineup and Predictions

Impact Wrestling presents probably their most anticipated PPV in quite sometime this Saturday Night, July 18th, on FITE TV, with their annual tent pole event Slammiversary. The last couple years Slamm has overtaken Bound For Glory as their biggest attraction in my opinion and this year appears to be no different. The build up has been unique to say the least, as unlike the last two years, they have focused less on heated feuds and have really hammered home the fact that there will be surprise debuts and returns. If you want a shot at a free code, join my twitter contest.

The matches, on paper, are likely to be solid to very good, but none of the feuds, outside of the Purazzo-Grace match have that much heat associated with them. None of them are big blowoffs to long running blood feuds but all the matches have the potential to be show stealers, with one exception. Ill rundown the card and give predictions, but first lets get to the news and rumors about all these potential newcomers.

Likely Surprise Appearances

Dave Penzer, the on again, off again, and currently on again Impact ring announcer stated on his latest podcast that “a half dozen or so” new talent could be coming in soon. If that number is accurate, heres who I think will be at the show:

Bully Ray: Bully is a free agent, a TNA & WWE hall of famer and has been rumored to return and lead the Aces & Eights once again.

Gallows & Anderson: Their signings have been confirmed by multiple outlets and Impact management recently helped film their upcoming “Talk N Shop-A-Mania” PPV. Theres a great possibility they will be on the show wearing Aces and Eights gear along side Bully.

EC3: Dixies nephew has been telling everyone that will listen that hes picking a fight come July 18th. My guess is that will happen at Slammiversary.

Mike and Maria Bennett: The couple secretly filmed “Talk N Shop-A-Mania” with Impact management and the Good Brothers. While I originally predicted them going to RoH, and that may still happen, they seem likely to appear here as well.

Eric Young: “Super Eric” as well as Team Canada has been getting teased quite a bit lately, the former TNA Champ and future Hall of Famer who also lives in Nashville is a lock to return home.

Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins have also been rumored and have openly talked about July 18th as being a big day for them. But there is such a thing as too much. If they are signed here they should wait a bit.

Unlikely Rumored Appearances

Rusev is unlikely to debut on this show now that he has tested positive for COVID-19, but I could see him signing here eventually.

Kurt Angle has been rumored to be in negotiations with the company about a return but Im just not sold on that being likely just yet.

KENTA from New Japan is being tossed around in weird online circles as coming, because Impact has featured the Japanese flag in their teasers and he is currently stuck in the states. Id call that a longshot.

Impact Championship Match: Eddie Edwards vs Trey Miguel vs Ace Austin vs Mystery Man

With the three names that we know about, this match should be excellent. Adding in a 4th will add some intriguing wrinkles to the story. These guys will be looking to tear the house down and pick up Impact after all the controversy destroying the original main event. Of the three knowns, Eddie Edwards is the only one with name recognition, but hes never been a draw. A huge portion of the audience for this show will be new viewers and while I expect Ace and Trey to shine, they just arent ready yet to be top guys. Ace will get there sooner rather than later. I fully expect a big name to walk in and take the title Saturday night. While normally I would be against that, after the last couple months that Impact has had, its the best decision to make for business. Eddie, Ace, and Trey will get theirs one day.

Prediction: Mystery Man

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purazzo

Purazzo has looked really good since her debut and Grace is always solid. The two have done a good job of building this match and is really the only match with heat. While I dont expect Purazzo to be around for the long haul, having her with the title for a bit will elevate the division.

Prediction: Purazzo is the new champion

Tag Team Title Match: The North vs Callihan & Shamrock

This matchup is likely to be good, but the whole thing feels forced. Callihan is a better heel and his babyface turn has fallen flat due to not having an audience. Shamrock is over huge when theres a crowd, but his limitations make things tough. But I fully expect these four to pull out all the stops.

Prediction: The North retains.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer

Theres no chance in hell that this match will be any good. Moose is a star and the most improved talent in the company, but Dreamer is dead weight in this match. Im thinking this is just a setup for a returning former TNA champ, my guess is EC3 since they have been teasing it online.

Prediction: Moose squashes Dreamer

X-Division Title Match: Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

This match is a sleeper and will likely be the show stealer. Both these guys are out to prove a point here. Unfortunately my favorite character on the show, Johnny Swinger is not supposed to get involved in this match.

Prediction: Chris Bey wins the title.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

There could be a surprise appearance or two here too. Of all the KOs Impact has right now, none have been more impressive than Kylie Rae. If my prediction is correct and Purazzo wins the KOs title, a future feud between Rae and Purazzo would be awesome.

Prediction: Kylie Rae

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