GCW Homecoming Results and Thoughts

Gare Changer Wrestling presented their two day event “Homecoming” this past weekend on FITE TV. As per usual, these events were filled with crazy shit, good wrestling, bad comedy, and violence. Both shows were overall very fun.

What To Watch?

Order The Replay On-Demand on FITE TV

Anytime Blake Christian is on TV stop what you are doing and watch. He had a hell of a match on night one with Alex Zayne. Both those guys are gonna end up on Tv soon. Blake in particular is absolutely spectacular and pulls off the most creative high flying moves you will see out there today. I fear for his long term health but damn is he fun to watch.

Chris Dickinson is probably the best indie wrestler out there. Everything he does looks real, cuts great promos and is jacked. Someone should scoop him up soon. Check out his match on night 2 with the up and coming Calvin Tankman.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champ Lio Rush made his return to the ring on night one to challenge AEWs Joey Janela for a match on night two. as one could imagine they had a really fun match filled with crazy spots. Lio is an ungodly athlete and I really hope this isn’t his last match.

Impacts Zach Wentz decided to have a death match on night 2. He won’t be doing that again.

ACH looked good in both of his outings. Nice to see him rehabilitate himself. Hope he gets back on TV soon.

The Bad

Kevin Gill has to be the absolute worst ring announcer of all time. Him calling matches has to be a prank right? He constantly got lost, failed miserably every 30 seconds to be funny, and often times during matches just put over either people he’s friends with that had nothing to do with the show or talk about people he wants to be friends with.

Here’s the quick results courtesy of Fightful

GCW Homecoming Night One Results:

Scramble Match: Calvin Tankman def. Allie Kat, Jimmy Lloyd, Benjamin Carter, Matthew Justice, and Lee Moriarty

* ACH def. Tre LaMar

* Chris Dickinson def. Mance Warner

* Blake Christian def. Alex Zayne

Deathmatch: Alex Colon def. AJ Gray

* EFFY def. Nate Webb

* SHLAK def. Nick Gage

* DDT Ironman Heavyweight Championship Match: Joey Janela def. Yoshihiko (c)

– After this match, Lio Rush returned. He will face Janela tomorrow night at Night Two.

* GCW World Championship Match: Rickey Shane Page (c) def. Homicide to retain.

GCW Homecoming Night Two Results:

* Lee Moriarty def. Tony Deppen

8- Man Tag Team Match: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice, 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner & Effy) (w/AJ Gray) def. Benjamin Carter, Logan Stunt, Pinkie Sanchez & Facade.

* ACH def. KTB

Death Match: Alex Colon def. Zachary Wentz

6-Way Scramble Match: Blake Christian def. Alex Zayne, Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd, and Tre Lamar

* Chris Dickinson def. Calvin Tankman

The Final Match: Joey Janela def. Lio Rush

Intergender Match: “Spyder” Nate Webb vs. Allie Kat was declared a no-contest due to an attack from 44OH!

* 5 On 4 Handicap Match: Team MDK (Nick Gage (actually he was injured and didn’t wrestle), Alex Colon, AJ Gray & SHLAK) def. 44OH! (Rickey Shane Page, Eric Ryan, Atticus Cogar, Gregory Iron & Eddy Only)

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