Impact Report: TV/WrestleHouse Review Plus News on Good Brothers-Jericho Heat, Rosemary Action Figure, Monty Brown, Bully Ray and More

Impact on AXS Tv Review

This weeks episode had some good action, nice story progressions, and of course the segment everyone was talking about: WrestleHouse.

What I Did Like: Eddie Edwards vs Trey Miguel was a fun little match but honestly I expected better. These two guys can really go if given the time but I think they are trying to make it clear that Eddie is their guy with a decisive victory over an up and coming challenger, so with that in mind I really liked what they did. I like the buildup to the future match with Eric Young while keeping the Rich Swann-EY story alive. Hope we get the Eddie-EY match on TV soon with Eddie winning clean.

Moose and Heath had a really fun segment with Heath suckering Moose in to a TNA title match next week. If Heath wins he gets a contract. I’m not sure how they get out of this, but I really hope Moose doesnt lose until his eventual match with EC3.

Speaking of EC3, he continues to knock his promos out of the park.

Deonna Purazzo destroying Kimber Lee was perfect. She has been really good. Looking forward to the next match with Grace too.

The Good Brothers were a little flat in their TV debut last week, but I thought their main event with my boys Reno Scum this week was good for what it was supposed to accomplish and I really dug their brawl with Fulton and Ace Austin as the show was ending. I really like that they are elevating Ace & Madman in a feud with their newest and hottest act.

Wrestlehouse… I thought some of the “non-wrestling” segments were very fun and creative. Swinger always pops me. Taya Valkyrie typically annoys me in her backstage stuff but she has really grown and I thought she was quite funny here. Rosemary is a bad actress, but even she had me laughing. The concept is good and could work as a separate series, and I honestly wish thats what it was.

What I Didnt Like: Wrestlehouse…. The wrestling comedy segments were a turn-off for me. We get that wresltling is all bullshit, and sme silliness outside the ring is ok, but you dont need to rub it in our faces when they get in the ring. The wrestling matches came off as super indy. Tommy Dreamers overacting was a miss. The Deaners usually make me laugh but their overacting was also a miss. They also really didnt need to have a 2nd segment on the show. Having this air on the weekly AXS show is a miss for me. AEW doesn’t air Being the Elite on their weekly show on Dynamite for a reason, its because a very small segment of the audience is gonna enjoy the campiness and inside wrestling humor.The Impact faithful loved it but I recieved multiple messages and comment from guys looking to give Impact a shot after their recent upswing and most of them vowed not to watch anymore.

Katie Forbes is awful. Shes a worse actress than Alisha Edwards. Im looking forward to a Sami Callihan-RVD match but if the feud centers around Forbes I am going to be completely disinterested. The stripper bullshit needs to be left in the attitude era.

Impact News & Notes

My friends over at Fiures Toy Co released their first look at the new Rosamary action figure last night. It recieved an overwhelming response. Time will tell if Impact will help promote the figure. Impact should really strike a deal with these guys, they do great work and really love helping to build the business.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that Bully Ray, whom we speculated as a strong probability as coming in, was in negotioations with the company but rumor has it that the talks fell through. I still see Bully coming in honestly.

SRS also stated that Taylor Wilde was set to return at the TNA reunion show before the pandemic hit and is looking to return to wrestling once travel bans have been lifted.

Monty Brown is not coming back to wrestle again anytime soon according to Kevin Thorn/Mordecai.

Tessa Blanchard is sending the Impact Championship belt back soon after supposedly asking for $150K for it. She claims innocence.

Gallows and Anderson told Gary Cassiday of Sportskeeda that they will push for Impact to start a working relationship with New Japan…. Im sure they would. That bridge has been burned to the ground. The Okada stuff is one thing but cancelling them from AXS prior to the contract expiring is something NJPW may not ever forgive.

Speaking of The Good Brothers, Cody Rhodes told ESPN that he isnt mad at them for not signing with AEW

“There’s no heat with Gallows and Anderson at all. I’m curious where their path takes them next. But gosh, how could you have heat with a guy who told you one price and then an hour later, after some Crown Royal, jumped his price up by a significant dollar amount? That’s just funny, that’s just beautiful. When you have a wrestler like me who takes it so seriously, I like having folks like that around to help balance me out.”

Chris Jericho was mad at them at one point but is happy for them. Jericho also confirmed that Gallows and Anderson were set to be original members of the Inner Circle.

I’m very excited for them. They’re owning the fact that they made the wrong decision and they went to WWE instead of AEW. Business is business. They did what they thought was best for them and their families. They kind of got screwed because of it. These guys are so funny. The two the funniest guys I’ve ever met, and they’ve already got IMPACT. They’re going to go back to New Japan, they’ve got the podcast, Talk’n Shop, they’ve got Talk’n ShopaMania which is going to be a total waste of time. I’m still going to watch it, but I’m proud of those guys and happy for those guys.”

Talk-N-Shop-A-Mania is this Saturday Live on FITE for only $14.99. Its going to be a complete shit show with gags, surpises, bad comedy, good comedy, and much more. Ill provide a report on the show next week. The big news coming out of the show, which was recorded at Gallows’ house, is that Enzo and Mike and Maria made their returns to wrestling. Impact is also co-producing and co-promoting the show. The main event is a “Boneryard” match featuring Sex Ferguson vs Chadd 2 Badd. WTF.

Scheduled for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV:

*Eddie Edwards’ open challenge for the Impact Championship.

*X-Division Champion Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs. TJP & Fallah Bah

*TNA Champion Moose vs. Heath – If Heath wins, he earns Impact contract.

*Jimmy Jacobs interviews Impact Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns.

*Rich Swann will address his future.

Next week’s edition of Impact in 60 features classic Chris Sabin bout.

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