Free Agency Outlook: Davy Boy Smith Jr

Before I get started, let me just be clear, Davy Boy Smith Jr is currently under contract with MLW. It has recently come to the light that Smith and the company has had a falling out recently and the two entities are parting ways in December. The news comes about as it was brought to light that Davy Boy and Impact were in negotiations for a match between Smith and Ken Shamrock. Both sides have their story about who was at fault, but that isn’t what this is about. If Smith and MLW can’t come to a resolution on a new contract he is likely to hit free agency and should be coveted. Here’s where I would like to see him go and where I think he will end up.

Most Likely: WWE/NXT/NXT UK

Davy Boy Smith Jr has not been shy about his interest in returning to the place where he started, the WWE. Surprisingly he has openly talked about a desire to join NXT UK. Smith was a headliner for the short lived return of World of Sport in the UK and is the son of WWE’s top all time UK star the British Bulldog, not to mention his childhood best friend and former tag team partner Tyson Kidd, and his cousin Natalya both work there. Whether or not this run would be any different that the last is unknown. He knows the WWE but he has been gone for almost 10 years and he is currently pushing 40.

Likely: Impact Wrestling

The bone of contention between Davy and his last two employers was his desire to work with Impact. When he worked for New Japan he asked to work some Impact dates, but they turned him down over issues with a regime from a bygone era that completely mismanaged and misused one of the all time great Japanese attractions in Okada (Okato in Impact….WTF). Despite the management change New Japan clearly held a grudge, which ultimately led to Davy Boy leaving the company. Since he left NJPW he signed with MLW, and as stated above there were issues between him and his promoter over wanting to work dates with Impact.

There’s clearly interest on both sides and Smith would immediately be added to their main event scene. Impact has generated a ton of buzz since Slammiversary and adding a 6’5” 240 lb legit bad ass with WWE and NJPW pedigree would be smart. He does not have great promo skills but Impact could work around that and maybe even give him a mouthpiece. Impact also has a working relationship with NOAH which Smith has a history with. Honestly if Impact is willing to match his price I would say this is the best fit for him. Id absolutely love to see a series between Davy Boy and Eddie Edwards over the Impact title.

Unlikely: AEW

AEW is stacked as it is and they already have similar attractions. Smith isn’t gonna give you five star matches nor is he going to shine in mid-card comedy bits. If he came in he would be another big guy needing an 80’s/90’s retired wrestler turned manager to be his mouthpiece. Problem is they already have a few of those. But he could definitely have great matches with their top stars but unless he blows the roof off the joint he would likely lose to Cody quick and the remain on Dark. Not saying it’s a definite no, just dont see the fit.

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