Sergio Martinez Scores KO After 6 Year Absence

By Michael Gaspar

45 year old Sergio Martinez hasn’t been in a ring since losing his Middleweight title in 2014 against Miguel Cotto.

But Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KOs) will ended his 6 year retirement by taking on Jose Miguel Fandino (15-6, 8 KOs), 36, of Spain, in a 10-round bout Friday night in Torrelavega, Spain.

The last time we saw him, Maravilla was hobbled with knee injuries. Hoping the time off has healed all his injuries, it being said that he has his eye on a fight with WBA Middleweight Champion, Ryota Murata, 34, of Japan.

But Martinez can’t look past Fandino if he wishes to make it to that goal. Lets see how it unfolds.

Rd 1 – Martinez is knocking the rust off. He is clearly the better fighter. I keep watching his legs to check stability. Finding his jab/straight left against Fandino a.k.a. Tomato Can. 10-9 Martinez.

Rd 2 – Slow pace with Martinez controlling until Tomato Can hits him with a few solid punches around the 1 minute mark. Martinez regains control to end the round. 20-18 Martinez.

Rd 3 – TC, short for Tomato Can, has become a punching bag at this point. Martinez using his left at will. I feel he can end it but wants to keep it going to get rounds under his belt. 30-27 Martinez.

Rd 4 – Martinez, feeling confident, starts the round with his arms down dodging wild punches from TC and returning fire. Backs him to the corner, toys with him, and lets him back out to continue showing his superiority. 40-36 Martinez.

Rd 5 – More of the same from Martinez until an accidental clash of heads and low blow by both fighters. TC shows signs of life after but is quickly shut down by Martinez to end the round. 50-45 Martinez.

Rd 6 – Big flurry of punches from Maravilla puts TC down at around the 1:45 mark. He gets back up, seems ok until Martinez corners him again and let’s his hands fly. TC saved by the bell. This is almost over. 60-53 Martinez.

Rd 7 – TC is game… take a beating and Martinez is glad to give it. TC has backed Martinez against the ropes and refuses to throw anything, lets him off. TOMATO CAN IS DOWN! Shot to the midsection has put TC down for the count.

Martinez wins by KO at the 1:04 mark in the 7th round.

It wasn’t a boring fight. I’ve always enjoyed watching Martinez fight so seeing him again was nice. But against a guy like Fandino, no matter Martinez’s age, you knew what was coming.

If a fight with Murata is what he’s looking for, a step up in competition is needed before doing so. But if he doesn’t get that, will anyone really throw a fit of we end up with, say…..Martinez vs De La Hoya?

I won’t.

Be sure to catch the replay on FITE TV

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