MLW To Return This November

MLWs Court Bauer tells SI’s Justin Barasso that the company we begin taping this October and will air fresh content in November

“We’ll air in November on a weeknight in primetime on Fubo Sports Network, and our content will also be available on DAZN, which includes exclusive content, and Saturday nights on beIN.” Says Bauer.

MLW is also toying with the idea of re-branding their Fusion series back to the original series “MLW Underground”. The company likes the appeal of a grittier setting in this COVID era and is looking for a “Raging Bull” feel. Hope that doesn’t mean it will be filmed in black and white.

Interesting to note, MLW’s Youtube channel was not mentioned in the article. Could they be finished airing on YouTube? Time will tell.

Bauer also mentioned potentially using AAA and New Japan talent. While they have used AAA stars regularly and have a relationship, the New Japan partnership would be new if it comes to fruition. They have worked with NOAH and Dragon Gate in the past and former MLW champ Tom Lawlor recently worked on New Japan’s “NJPW Strong” series.

Talent listed as returning were MLW regulars such as Fatu and Hammerstone. Brian Pillman Jr was also listed despite being one of the stars looking to get out of their contracts. Davy Boy Smith Jr and Mance Warner however, were not listed.

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