Rusev (Miro) Lands With AEW

The months and months of waiting to see where probably the biggest free agent released by WWE during the pandemic is finally over. The 35-year-old born Miroslav Barnyashev aka Rusev, who now goes by Miro, has signed a deal with AEW and debuted on tonights Dynamite.

Miro debuted as Kip Sabians “Best Man” for his wedding. Honestly thats pretty freaking weak. In my opinion Miro could be a top guy and they immediately debuted him with an opening act as a side kick.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Miro has signed a contract with AEW that is for more than a year.

His return to wrestling was delayed as he announced in July on Twitch that he had tested positive for COVID-19, so it’s unclear when he will be physically ready to return to action. Most had him pegged to AEW from the beginning, but when he didnt sign immediately after his non-compete was over in July, I thought he may go with Impact

Nonetheless, Miro has landed with the 2nd biggest company in North America and AEW landed potentially a main event player, should they use to use him as such.

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