This weeks episode was really solid but two things specifically stood out to me. The first being Eric Young. Is EY currently the best he has ever been? He has just been on fire lately and last night he took his intensity up a notch once again. His promo early in the show and the beatdown of the Deaners were beautiful chaos. Young continues to claim that he is in his “Purest Form” and it sure looks like it. When the main event of Bound for Glory leaked on Fightful a few weeks ago, I really was not excited about it, but Young’s strong performances in and out of the ring, as well as Swann’s fiery-heartfelt promos have really made me change my mind.  

The second thing that stood out to me, and I will be eating some crow here, is Heath [Last Name Redacted]. That video they aired last night with the Cameos from Chuck Norris, Nancy Kerrigan, and others was absolutely fantastic. I hate that they are just re-hashing an old WWE storyline here, but I have to give it to them, they might be winning me over. Involving his kids was great too. Still though, I really hope he turns on Rhino when it’s all said and done.

Just as I typed this, Impact released another Cameo featuring Dog The Bounty Hunter, who would make a great wrestler tbh

Other Notes From the Show:

The Opening Three Way featuring Chris Bey, Trey, and TJP was great. Really hard fought match that made you forget that there was no crowd. Trey winning was great and then having Rohit come in after the match was over and give him an immediate title match, only to roll him up in seconds was great too. Old school chicken shit heel move. Loved it and love Rohit.

Tenille vs Jordynne Grace was also really good. I like what they are doing with Tenilles character and Kaleb with a K is a great addition to the act, but could they have given her some updated ring gear and accessories? She’s supposed to be a new character but is still doing the evil cop thing from her WWE days. Also looks like Grace is taking a few steps back as she has lost her 3rd big match in a row. Wonder where he goes next.

Sami is Cold as Ice…. Something has to change here. Im glad that it appears that the Sami-RVD feud is over. Hopefully they having something big planned for Sami after BFG because he could not be more stale.

EC3 Gave Out Moose’s Phone Number during one of the pretapes telling the story of Moose looking for his TNA title. I texted the number but no one texted back. Such is life. These segments have been great but they are getting a little old. Waiting for a bigger part of the story to drop as we have about 6 more weeks until BFG.

News and Notes

I was fortunate to be a part of yesterdays “Press Pass” featuring Eric Young and Rich Swann and I actually got to ask about whether or not there will be a live audience, and there will not be. Honestly, the shows have been really good without an audience, but there seems to be a lack of energy in the studio that crowd noise, either live or piped in could really help with. If they feel uncomfortable cramming people in to that small studio, I get it. But they really should look in to a virtual fan experience ala NBA and WWE’s “Thunderdome” as well as piping in crowd noise like the NFL. It would really help.

Impact Plus will begin airing monthly specials starting Oct 3rd with “Victory Road” featuring Eddie Edwards getting his rematch for the World Title against champion Eric Young. I am really glad the monthly specials are coming back finally and it appears that they will be getting the same level of production as the TV show is. I’ll actually re-up my subscription as I cancelled after No Surrender in February.

Update: Gary Cassiday is now reporting that “Turning Point” will take place in November and “Final Resolution” is in December. This will be the first time Final Resolution has happened since 2013.

Tenille Dashwood has signed an exclusive deal with Impact Wrestling, further bolstering their great Knockouts division. She told Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful  

“I definitely explored my options and didn’t rush into anything,” Dashwood recalled. “But, I will say that IMPACT! made it known to me how important they saw me. It’s nice to be valued and appreciated and the conversations, the people, the atmosphere is all in line with what I’m all about. Like you said, I have been to basically every major company, as far as some people are concerned. So, I have been around I have experienced a lot. I’m very happy with where I am right now and where things are going because this company values their wrestlers and, I was saying before, it kind of ties back in. Having input and knowing you have a direction and that things are going to keep going, getting better. They don’t just blow off all of a sudden. It’s just completely different. I’ve had years and years of cool experiences and things that got me to where I am today, forever grateful, but IMPACT! is perfect for me right now.”

Deonna Purazzo has been offered a long term contract by Impact as well according to Fightful Select

After months of no contract offer, Fightful can confirm that IMPACT Wrestling has offered their Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo a full-time contract with the company. There’s no word on whether or not pen has been put to paper, but we’re told it’s at minimum a two-year deal with financial increases as the contract goes on. There were rumors backstage that Purrazzo was going to leave the company in October, which led to an offer finally being made”

Former TNA Champion James Storm is now a free agent after his contract expired according to Fightful Select. Signing with Impact seems like a no-brainer.

Sports Illustrated covered on Acey Romero’s incredible weight drop. Acey, in a 100 day period that ended in late August dropped from 475 pounds to 375 pounds. His goal is to get to 225.

Kylie Rae defeated Tessa Blanchard at Warrior Wrestling on Sept 12th. It still appears that Tessa remains unsigned, I am a proponent of trying to work things out with her and matching her up against Purazzo in a PPV main event.

Josh Alexander and Deonna Purrazzo have been added to the 10/11 Josh Barnett Bloodsport show as part of The Collective weekend in Indianapolis

Four Matches have been announced for next weeks Impact, including “The Good Brothers” returning to action:

Winner is John E. Bravo’s Best Man: Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh
Rosemary and Taya vs. Havok and Nevaeh
Rascalz vs. Good Brothers
Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The North

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