The Sept 29 episode was as solid as it gets and was an improvement from last weeks show. Unfortunately it will die in the ratings due to going head to head with one of the most bizarre shit shows in American history, the first debate between WWE Hall of Famer President Trump and former VP Joe Biden. Hopefully they do more promoting for this weeks “Victory Road” show on Impact Plus and are able to bring in new subscriptions.

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary defeated Havok & Nevaeh

The show opened with a real good Knockouts Tag Team match. Havoc and Naveah are getting better every time and the team of Rosemary & Taya are starting to come in to their own. They really did not focus on the wedding drama during this match and let the women show what they can do which is good. Its good to see Taya continue getting wins as well, as she has lost way wore matches than she has won since losing her title to Jordynne Grace earlier this year.After the match Keira Hogan and Tasha Steelz attacked Rosemary and Taya setting up a match later this month. The KO’s tag division has 3 solid, full time teams, all of which were featured here. If they add a few more they could possibly re-introduce tag titles and Rosemary/Taya would be the right choice as champions.

Jordynne Grace defeated Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Kaleb with a K opened the segment dressed like every hipster you hate at Starbucks, struggling to form sentences as Tennile’s ring announcer. Definitely needs more practice there. While I enjoyed last weeks match, the two had timing issues and Tenille was a bit rusty. This match was better and the placement was more fitting of a program in their position, in the middle of the card. Jordynne picked up the W and the two will have their rubber match this Saturday on Victory Road.

Moose & EC3 had another backstage segment where Moose was looking for the title, ill spare the details but this has drug on long enough. Fortunately they appear headed for a resolution next week as EC3 has threatened to destroy the TNA title. EC3 has a hell of gig man, hasn’t wrestled once for the company since his return in July.

Heath & Rhino were attacked by Hernandez and Reno Scum backstage and were mugged/robbed. Instead of calling the cops, Rhino asked Scott D’Amore for a match and it was granted. Reno Scum will take on Heath and Rhino in an unsanctioned math at Victory Road. Please God, let Heath turn on Rhino.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

The Good Brothers are already pretty good but the Rascalz made them look 10 times better. The Brothers have been doing mostly comedy but they turned their intensity up a ntch here and got the W. Afterwards they challenged MCMG for a title match. Hopefully after BFG, The Good Brothers are placed in a big money storyline or feud. They have been somewhat flat and have not had a direction since defeating Ace & Madman.

Brian Myers confronted Tommy Dreamer backstage, with some background music playing.  Boring. Myers is scheduled to do the routine duty of every heel in the company and beat Dreamer this Saturday. Side Note: Don’t make fun of Dreamer on twitter, he will DM you even if you don’t tag him. Trust me on this.

Johnny Swinger defeated Fallah Bahh to become John E. Bravo’s best man… and then Bah defeated him after a restart

Yup. Best thing about this was they had Wrestlehouse people around the ring making noise. Refreshing.

Eddie Edwards came to the ring looking to confront his attacker from last week. The lights go out and Sami Callihan, fresh off his lamest feud since he has been in Impact against RVD, appears. Eddie went to fight him and the lights go out again and Ken Shamrock is revealed as Eddies attacker. Looks like Sami and Ken are both turning heel and Sami will be pulling the strings on a crazed Shamrock. This will lead to a match with Eddie vs Shamrock at Bound For Glory. This will be interesting because Sami is a much better heel but I’m not sure turning Shamrock right before the Rock is set to submit a video for Shamrock’s Hall of Fame induction during BFG weekend.

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

A really good, rare, heel vs heel main event match with a surprising ending. The North isolated Ace Austin most of the match and really looked like on of the top tag teams in the world. At the end of the match The Good Brothers hit the ring and were jumped by the North and Ace/Fulton only to be resued by the MCMGs.  Ace and Madman have lost more than they have won since forming their team a couple months ago and it appears we are headed to a 4-way tag title match at Bound For Glory. I think the show would be better off with a MCMG vs Good Brothers match and have 4 other teams compete either on the undercard or the pre-show.

Overall Thoughts: Again, I really enjoyed this weeks episode. Great story progression, solid quick-paced in ring action. Plus there was a diverse mix of all types of wrestling and storytelling that Impact specializes in. I am really looking forward to seeing the conclusion to the Moose and EC3 feud, as they have really carried on a little too long without having any matches or major plot developments.

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