Chris Sabin Wants Motor City Machine Guns vs FTR in IMPACT

IMPACT Wrestling’s latest edition of Press Pass featured Chris Sabin, Ace Austin, and EVP Scott D’Amore. The topics of the day were tag team wrestling and IMPACT’s new UK TV deals with FreeSport and PremierSport. The show is mostly in character but I extracted some interesting highlights. I also got a chance to ask Chris Sabin a question about why they were so underappreciated during their initial IMPACT run and what the scene is like today:

The Most notable quote came when Sabin was asked whether or not he would be interested in a MCMG vs FTR match. He said that he would but he wants the match on “his turf”. While I could see AEW and IMPACT letting the match happen on the indies for a company like Warrior Wrestling, considering there have been many matches featuring IMPACT vs AEW on those shows, there is a zero percent chance that Tony Khan would let FTR wrestle on IMPACT. So I will go ahead and consider that matter dead.

Other notes from Sabin were he said that him and Alex Shelley were not ready to put over the young talent and considers them a top tier team. He also sympathizes with all the wrestlers oing through rehab for ACL tears, as he has had multiple surgeries and encourages them to remember why they love wrestling.

Ace Austin was in character pretty much the whole time and put himself over the whole time. He’s great.

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